Chicken Dinner CARTON – 4 lb

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This best selling Chicken Dinner is a crowd favourite.

Ontario raised free-range chicken is a rich source of essential amino acids  and perfect for dogs. With added nutrient rich beef liver and blended with our signature blend of organic fruits and vegetables containing powerful antioxidants, this dinner contains only the good stuff!

  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Free Range Chicken
  • Pasture Raised Beef
  • Good for puppies to adult dogs
  • Supplement with Thrive Herring Oil
  • Contains 1 tsp of Kelp per 1 lb of food

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Keep food frozen and thaw in refrigerator until ready to use. Raw food is fresh for 3-5 days once thawed. Return un-used food back to refrigerator after serving.

Serve in stainless steel or ceramic dishes. Wash all work surfaces, utensils, serving spoons and hands with hot water & soap after handling raw meat & poultry.

10 reviews for Chicken Dinner CARTON – 4 lb

  1. Amanda Virdo

    Our two dogs love the chicken dinner! These individually wrapped 1lb servings make it so easy to feed!

  2. Danielle

    Love chicken dinner! We started out dog on raw with this protein. I love that its a great price point and includes fruit and veg

  3. Arsh T

    My dog loves this! It’s so easy to serve and it’s her favourite.

  4. Kim Thacker

    Such a great product switched both my dogs to this product. Great alternative to dry food. So much better for them. Love the chicken dinner.

  5. Adrien Cross

    My new puppy took to the Chicken Dinner immediately! It’s a hit.

  6. UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue (verified owner)

    Excellent product, my dogs adore.

  7. petitepeet

    Really great product and one of my dog’s favourite flavours. Chicken is a great protein to start with and the dinner version is really easy as you only have to add herring oil in order for it to be a complete meal!

  8. Angie Boothman

    We always have some chicken dinner in our house. Nice and easy protein, and with it being a dinner all we have to add is herring oil! super simple meal, that the dogs love!

  9. Ani-Claude

    This product was perfect for the transition to raw food. Easy and simple. Girls love it at the first time.

  10. Ashton Corcoran

    Both my dogs love this one, even my picky eater! Also noticed my dogs allergies have improved significantly since making the switch to raw. Highly recommend!

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