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Thrive Herring Oil – 1L

(23 customer reviews)

Cold water Thrive Herring Oil is particularly rich in essential fatty acids (including EPA and DHA omega 3). Herring oil will help your pet obtain their optimal health, with added vitamin E (100 I.U. per 5 ml). May support: Digestion, Skin & Coat Health, Energy Levels and Stamina, Cardiovascular Health, Muscle Health, Brain Health, Immune System Health, and Mobility.

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INGREDIENTS : 100% Herring oil INGRÉDIENTS: 100% huile de hareng


Thrive Herring Oil – 1L (23 reviews )

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  1. Debra.Steele

    The Thrive Herring Oil is a “must-have” with our BCR meals. It is a perfect companion to the proteins in that it aids is significantly reducing shedding, and adds to coat health. My dogs do not have dry skin, and their coats are sleek and shiny, and so soft to the touch.

  2. Danielle

    a raw feeding staple. This is a must in our house to ensure the meals are balanced and my boy gets his omega 3s. I personally love that this is Canadian sourced!

  3. Jason Corey

    Add this to every meal! It’s the best source for omega 3s and you don’t have to worry about it going rancid like you do with salmon oil. Price is better when comparing it to every other brand. Highly recommend, especially if your dog suffers from itchy skin.

  4. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom

    My dog’s skin and coat have never looked so good. Omega 3 is essential to make any raw meal complete. This is my dogs number 1 supplement.

  5. Cassie L

    This is our go to supplement. We love knowing our Great Dane is getting his Omega-3’s and we fully believe this is one of the things that keeps his coat so shiny and soft. It balances his meals when we feed poultry and reduces shedding. We also love that it is sourced in Canada!

  6. Nanuk

    A great way to ensure your pet is getting everything they need, while keeping your budget in mind. The large amount is perfect for our boy’s diet,and at over 100lbs the bulk price helps to keep it affordable and in our rotation.

  7. Vanessa (verified owner)

    A staple for raw, cooked or kibble feeders! My dogs go nuts for it, and their coat looks so shiny!

  8. Barbie Wallace

    Hemp oil is my go to for Pradas omegas, she loves it, me not so much but what Prada likes Prada gets. As a hairless breed her skin is of great importance and since starting on raw with the added herring oil I have seen some important in her skin. That is a win here!

  9. Jennifer

    I like that this does not make my girl smell ‘fishy’ like the salmon capsules I used before I found this product.

  10. Kristina D

    My frenchies coat is so unbelievably soft and shiny after starting to add herring oil to his food. I haven’t had any skin issues whatsoever. The price is very reasonable and I love that a bulk option is available!

  11. Alita26651

    This is my favorite supplement. My dog is picky, she doesn’t exactly like fish but they NEED fish in their raw diet to maintain proper balance. What I love about this supplement is that my dog loves it, so she is still getting what she needs from fish without actually having to eat the fish. This is probably the one supplement I frequently buy! It’s also perfect to help give flavor to the powdered supplements, too.

  12. André Lamarche

    Il est bon donner à nos chiens différentes huiles pour leur mieux être. Le 1 litre d’huile de hareng est une bonne valeur quantité/prix. Merci BCR.

  13. meganbrowne

    Always added to my girls meals daily. It’s a nice way to add the extra nutrients they need in their food and they both enjoy it.

  14. Kelly M

    We add this to Oakley’s dinners – it’s a must-have! The pup loves it!

  15. Krystal

    We add to our dogs meals daily! She can be a picky eater but if we add this on top, she eats it!

  16. AudreyandLaika

    Meilleur produit pour avoir un beau poil, doux et lustrer

  17. Tamaraachan

    Dexter could drink this like water haha he loves the taste, and I love what it does to him. His fur is so much more shiny, he’s not loosing as much hair and his skin isn’t dry anymore. No matter what you feed, this is a must!

  18. Nicia Montminy (verified owner)

    I love my 1L of herring oil! I wanted to buy in bulk to save money as well as be able to meal prep in advance, and this format of herring oil was exactly what I was looking for! My cat loves the taste and the herring oil was the key to the transition from kibble to raw food. I would never go back, and she couldn’t live without her herring oil either!

  19. Ani-Claude

    Nous ajoutons ce produit à tous les repas. Simple à utiliser et délicieux (selon mes chiens)

  20. artiethegoldie (verified owner)

    Arthur is obsessed with herring oil. He doesn’t even need it on his food he would lick it right from a spoon. WE have found it great for adding the daily dose to a mold with some of his go-to supplements to ensure he gets all the dietary needs for a balanced diet. Would highly recommend for any raw food balanced diet especially when it comes to feeding a pure diet. It helps take away the worry of giving omega-3 pills and also has seriously been the reason our pup gets so many compliments on his shiny and healthy looking coat. Having a golden retriever we have found that herring oil has really helped with reducing the amount of shedding in our household. Definitely think any raw fed dog benefits from a squirt of this on their meals each day.

  21. Stephen Goulding

    Our “allergic to his cuteness” English Bulldog moved from Vet prescribed kibble to Pure Turkey combined with Thrive Herring Oil and powder supplements. The move to this in February of this year has made a world of change in his weight, energy, coat and most importantly has reduced his yeast flare ups, itchy and dry skin, and overall health. Moving to raw as we did has proven in short order (couple months…) a significant change in his happy life.

    P.s. we do regular grooming schedule of every 3 weeks with an oxygenated bath at Country Paws Grooming in Hagersville which has been a huge contributor to removing his irritants. You can also buy Big Country Raw products on site at this groomer.

    Steve Goulding, Hagersville ON.

  22. kategraham

    Love this product. The container’s “nozzle” top is pretty messy though. Requires cleaning after every time I use it otherwise oil drips down the container sides.

  23. peppah10 (verified owner)

    I’m in the process of transitioning my 14yo cat over to raw. I started with the herring oil in his wet food in order to slowly introduce new tastes and textures. He absolutely LOVES this oil and now refuses to eat his wet food without it! And I cannot believe the difference in his coat! He is a domestic shorthair and used to feel so wirey and would shed every time I pet him. It’s been a week now and he no longer sheds (which means no hairballs! Yay!) and his coat is soft and shiny! It’s just incredible! I can’t wait to introduce other supplements and get him started on the raw diet to see all the other amazing changes in him!

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Nutrient Facts

Per 5 ml (1 tsp) serving:Calories: 43kcalFat: 97%

Omega-3 Fatty acids

ALA: 680 mg

EPA: 240 mg

DHA: 125 mg

Omega-6 Fatty acids

LA: 75 mg

Omega-9 fatty acids

OA : 390 mg

Vitamin E : 100 IU

Main Nutrient

Data Not Available

Feeding Guide

Feeding Instructions

Add recommended daily dosage to pet’s meals

Herring Oil is recommended for dogs and cats of all life stages including puppies and kittens


5ml per every 25lb of body weight per day


Store in a cool, dark place

Will coagulate if refrigerated

Best served within 3-4 months of opening

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