Meal Replacement Bones

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  • Raw Lamb Trachea 4 Pieces

    Meal Replacement Bone

    If your dog loves lamb this is a popular raw bone to try!  Soft and meaty this can be fed as a meal replacement as part of a rotational balanced raw diet.

  • Sardines – 1 lb Bag

    Frozen Canadian wild caught raw sardines are a great source of Omega-3’s and Vitamin D.


  • Lamb Ears 1lb

    Lamb ears are a chewy treat that your dog will love.  Ears are an excellent source of glucosamine and protein and are a low-fat treat that is a great alternative to pig ears.

  • Frozen Raw Duck Feet – 1 lb Bag

    Our duck feet are individual quick frozen and easy to serve!  A very popular raw bone, each foot contains naturally occurring glucosamine.  The perfect raw bone for the active pet!

  • Stuffed Beef Tracheas – 2 pieces

    2 pieces of dehydrated beef trachea stuffed with our awesome beef tripe. A sure favourite!

  • Whole Quail – 2lb Bag (10 -12 pieces)

    Looking for a novel protein source for your dog or cat?  Quail is an excellent choice for pets with allergies or food intolerances to chicken or beef.

    Each quail is approximately 3 – 4 oz a piece making it a perfect meal for your small dog or cat.  Add to your pet’s dish as part of a rotational protein for a balanced raw diet.

    Quail is high in iron and important essential nutrient for healthy bones and muscles.  A great choice for growing puppies and active dogs & cats.



  • Meaty Beef Bone – 2 lb Bag

    Meal Replacement Bone

    A very popular large meaty bone that’s ideal for your active medium to large breed dog.

  • Pork Tails – 1 lb Bag

    Meal Replacement Bone

    An excellent choice for dogs with food sensitivities as pork is considered hypoallergenic. A large soft meaty bone that dogs love!



  • Skinless Turkey Necks – 2 lb.

    Free range turkey necks sourced from Ontario Farms are a popular soft and meaty meal replacement bone for large breeds.

  • Chicken Necks Skinless – 2 lb Bag

    Meal Replacement Bone

    Meaty & skinless raw chicken necks are an excellent raw meaty bone choice for small dogs and cats. Each 2 lb. package contains approximately 15 – 20 chicken necks.

    Can be fed as a meal replacement bone as part of a rotational meal plan.


  • Beef Neck Bone 4-6″ – 1 lb Bag

    Meal Replacement Bone

    A technical chewing bone, beef necks are low in fat with a good amount of meat & sinews.  For a long lasting chew this is a go-to choice.

  • Duck Necks – 2lb Bag

    Meal Replacement Bone

    Skinless Duck Necks are a novel protein making them a suitable choice for dogs and cats with allergies or food intolerances.  A soft meaty bone, duck necks are a go-to option for dogs that are just learning to chew raw bones.

    Approximately 6 – 8 piece per 2 lb. bag.