Quail Eggs (Frozen) – 18 pk

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Un supplément aussi bon qu'amusant !

Ajoutez des œufs de caille décortiqués ou non décortiqués au plat de votre animal de compagnie en complément ou comme gâterie santé. Les œufs de caille crus sont une excellente source de protéines ! Les coquilles sont une excellente source de calcium.

A small but nutritious addition to your dog’s or cat’s raw diet.  Offer along side a meal of all alone as a special treat.

portion quotidienne suggérée

5 à 20 lb et + / 1 oeufs et +

20 à 40 lb et + / 2 oeufs et +

40 à 60 lb et + / 3 oeufs et +

80 lb et + / 4 oeufs et +

Oeufs de cailles – 18

Analyse nutritionnelle Analyse des éléments nutritifs
Per 31 grams (3 eggs) Par 31 grammes (3 oeufs)
Calories Calories 45
Protéines Protéines 4 g
Gras Matières grasses 3 g
Fibres Fibres 0 g
Sodium – 40 g

Vitamine D – 2 mcg

Fer – 1 mg

Potassium – 37 mg

Vitamine A – 53 mcg


Instructions de manipulation :

Œufs de cailles congelés destinés à la consommation d'animaux de compagnie. Peut être conservé congelé jusqu'à 12 mois. Une fois décongelés, les œufs peuvent être conservés dans votre réfrigérateur pendant 15 jours maximum.

Instruction :

La congélation des œufs provoque la fissuration de la coquille extérieure, mais souvent la membrane ne se déchire pas. Nous suggérons de décongeler les œufs au réfrigérateur dans un plat en verre, des fuites sont possibles. Une fois décongelés, ajoutez des œufs crus au repas de votre animal de compagnie quotidiennement ou en gâterie.

56 avis pour Quail Eggs (Frozen) – 18 pk

  1. megurq (client confirmé)

    Nous sommes simplement ravis que Big Country Raw offre maintenant des œufs de cailles ! De taille idéale pour tous les chiens, ils constituent une excellente alternative aux œufs de poules ! Ils ont des coquilles plus minces / plus douces alors n'hésitez pas à les offrir entiers ou écrasés! Ils peuvent également être servis congelés ou décongelés. De plus, à 18 dans un boîte pour moins de 4 $, c’est une bonne affaire!

  2. williamsbk21 (client confirmé)

    I love the quail eggs! They are so easy to throw onto my dog’s meals and he eats the entire thing happily. They are also a really good price and I love that they come in frozen. I usually prep my guys meals the night before so by the time he eats them they’ve thawed, but I have always given him them frozen and he enjoys them either way.

  3. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom (client confirmé)

    Such a good price for 18 eggs! My guy wasn’t sure about them at first but now loves eating them, shells and all. They’re so easy to pop into your pets meal (thawed or frozen) for an extra source of calcium and protein, or as a special treat.

  4. Amanda (client confirmé)

    Definitely a staple in our house! The dogs love them thawed or frozen while our cat likes them frozen. Awesome price also!

  5. Debra.Steele (client confirmé)

    My guys LOVE these quail eggs. So nutritious for them. Even the cat is getting in on the benefits. She is not all about the shell but she loves the insides so for her I feed them thawed. You can’t beat this price point for 18 quail eggs. You have to order more than one carton.

  6. Lindsay

    Great addition to add into my dogs meal. He loves them and eats them frozen. Excellent source of nutrients and price is very fair

  7. Melissa Goncalves

    The first time I fed these to my dog he’s wasn’t quite sure what to do them with! I tried again the next day and it was a huge hit! I usually serve them frozen (mostly because I forget to take them out of the freezer) but he’s happy to eat them thawed out too.

  8. Jenn2008 (client confirmé)

    My girl just loves her quail eggs. She gets them regularly and is always excited to see them. I feed thawed as she seems to prefer them that way. Great price!

  9. Erin Campbell

    Both my cats and my dogs go absolutely insane for these, they make such a great additon to their meals and honestly, you cannot beat the price! 18 for less than 4 dollars? So affordable.

  10. Ozzy (client confirmé)

    My dog loves these! Won’t eat the shell so he has to work for the prize inside!

  11. Danielle

    Love the quail eggs. We feed them to both dogs (one small, one medium) every few days. We put them in with their meal, shell and all. A great and simple way to add more nutrients to your dogs meal.

  12. Isabel P

    These eggs are the perfect size for my little dog! I crack a thawed egg open over his food to add some extra nutrients to his meal. I saw some dogs eat the shells too but my guy won’t touch them.

  13. jcarrieann@gmail.com

    I love that I can give my dog a special treat now and then that is so good for her. I also love that it is the perfect size for her little mouth.

  14. Kristi (client confirmé)

    So glad BCR carries quail eggs! What a great addition to my dogs meal, she eats them frozen or thawed and loves them.

  15. Emily

    My dog loves these! She gets so excited for them and will eat them frozen or thawed. They’re a great size for my girl (18lbs) and the nutrients she’s getting from them is a bonus!

  16. Barbie Wallace

    I love BCR Quail eggs, they sre a perfect size for my Chinese Crested. She absolutely loves these little treats when I add to her meal, she eats it up first, a real winner by Prada ❤

  17. Ozzy Marrie

    Perfect for little snacks. My dog absoulty loves them.

  18. Spope (client confirmé)

    The quail eggs are a great price and a good way to add something extra into your pups meals! At first my German shepherd wasn’t too sure of them but after a few days he was loving them!

  19. Jennifer

    A treat favourite – my girl loves them!

  20. Kristina D

    I love that I can buy quail eggs for such a fantastic price! Always fresh and great quality. My pup will gobble them frozen or thawed shell and all. Always have them in my fridge.

  21. Rachelstocco

    Love the quail eggs. Did a lot of reading on their benefits. So happy that BCR sells these. And my dogs love them!

  22. Hunt00 (client confirmé)

    My dogs love the quails eggs. Shells and all. Our 8 week old puppy devoured hers. It’s such a great source of protein and calcium, which is a vital ingredient for growing puppies.

  23. RJ Taylor

    My dog and I just love quail eggs, they’re a quick little treat just to throw into his bowl… Or mouth…
    Definitely recommend these.

  24. hui0414

    My girl seems to have reaction to chicken egg, but she is doing ok with this. Great alternative to chicken eggs. Great price!

  25. meganbrowne

    I love these quail eggs for my pup. We just started her on a raw diet and these are a great edition. Well priced and a great way to add more variety to your pets bowl!

  26. LeoHunter (client confirmé)

    Both my dogs love these, I feed them frozen and whole and they usually get the shell off and eat it first then eat the egg, they are reasonably priced and very high in nutrients. I have tried thawing, but my guys prefer them frozen. I try and feel them each one daily, I highly recommend!!

  27. meghaanlee

    My dog doesn’t tolerate chicken very well, so these are a great alternative as he hasn’t had a reaction to them. Whenever I add them to his bowl he eats them up first before anything else.

  28. ErikaD

    Love these quail eggs! I feed them frozen and they make great snakes or even just as an add on for a meal. The best part is there is no mess as the shell can be eaten:)

  29. Katherine Ricci

    Just got these for my dog and she loved it! Such a healthy addition to the menu! Will be something I order regularly!

  30. Rachael Meagher

    Used as a topper to meals, they are a total hit!

  31. Alexandra Boyd

    My Brittany Winnie loves them. I definitely recommend these to everyone I know.

  32. Alexandra Boyd

    My Brittany Winnie love the quail Eggs. My Vizsla didn’t seem to know what to do with them. Hopefully he will eat some eventually. I highly recommend these to everyone I know.

  33. Komorebi

    What a great little snack packed with nutrition, so easy to just toss a few in their bowl

  34. pimathesamoyed

    We love quail eggs! We give them frozen or thawed! I used to give chicken eggs but after reading more on the subject, I now chose these quail eggs because they are more nutritious and smaller in portion! win win!

  35. Strikapoz

    Both our bengal cats LOOOOVE these quail eggs! It’s a great treat to add to their meals 1-2 times per week.

  36. Krystal

    We love these! My dog eats 2 a day (shell and all) so we buy 5+ packs at a time and it’s so convenient that they are frozen!

  37. Shona (client confirmé)

    I feed quail eggs once a week or I stuff them in the Toppl toys with the dogs protein!! Excellent product

  38. Alex Wolf

    Our 2 cats love these! They’re a perfect size, and add protein to their meal. They also help with hairballs, and change the consistency of the meat, which the cats love. They are also a great price, and can keep in the freezer for awhile, though it never stays long.
    Highly recommended!

  39. ava_klausgsd (client confirmé)

    Our favourite way of adding protein and essential vitamins/minerals and amino acids. Both of mine love quail eggs!

  40. Catherine Poissant

    Un super ajout aux repas!

  41. Adrien Cross

    A favourite crunchy treat, great for topping off a meal!

  42. Roxannec

    C’est le supplément que je donne le plus souvent. J’adore le format super pratique.

  43. Lévéke Breton

    Ce fut long avant que mes chiens acceptent les oeufs de caille mais une fois qu’ils les ont accepté, ils CAPOTENT et les mangent gelé entier.

  44. sonjers

    These are great. We add one to breakfast for our pup and he loves it. With the shell and everything. They are a great price, too.

  45. Ani-Claude

    Girls love these quail eggs. Such a good price and great product.

  46. s_richardson@live.ca (client confirmé)

    These are an awesome addition to any bowl! Just a little bit of crunch to add to a meal. My guys get excited when they see the carton come out

  47. Dylace (client confirmé)

    The quail eggs are a hit in my house and it’s healthy for them so I’m good with that.

  48. 2452mmainville

    Our favorite waY to addict proteine and essentiel vitamines and menrals and amino acids !! Kayla love TO MUCH her little quail eggs !!!and is not expensive !

  49. Nadine Lussier

    Always fun to add variety to my dog’s diet. A healthy treat that is sure to please my mini american sheaperd.

  50. thecass (client confirmé)

    Norman our dane LOVES these. We put 4-5 frozen eggs on top of one of his meals 1-2 times a week. Great way to add protein and calcium.

  51. charliemcdoge

    It’s an amazing adding at the bowls. I give it to my dog frozen or not and either way, he loves it!!

  52. Marjolaine Despars

    Les oeufs de caille sont d’un format parfait pour mon chihuahua. Il est toujours très heureux lorsque je lui en donne un.

  53. Ashton Corcoran

    Both my dogs love these, shell and all! I typically add them to their raw food but they also love them as a treat!

  54. Ashley

    My malinois didnt like the shell, but she loved the inside!

  55. Jasmcqueen (client confirmé)

    10/10 would recommend!!
    My dog eats them thawed. At first I had to crack the shell for him but once he got his first taste, they were gone. He has no problem eating them whole now.

  56. Carlyb96 (client confirmé)

    My 4 month old cane corso x Belgian Malinois puppy loves these! I break it for him and he devours the whole thing! I give him 3 a day and he can’t get enough. A nice cheap add in for every meal!

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