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Hero Dehydrated Beef Lung – 65g

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HeroDogTreats™ – Dehydrated Beef Lung 65g
Dehydrated Human Grade Lung is a worry free treat that is rich in flavour and packed with 100% natural protein. Products made in Canada, by Canadians for Canadians.

  • 100% Canadian Beef Lung from CFIA Inspected Facilities
  • Gâterie déshydratée, ingrédient unique, sans agent de conservation
  • #1 Best Seller
  • Packed with Protein
  • Gâterie d'entrainement par excellence !

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Hero Dehydrated Beef Lung – 65g (9 reviews )

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  1. megurq

    One of our favourite training treats! Beef Lung is very lightweight and clean to handle so it makes a great treat to slip in your pocket for training! Simple snap it to whatever size pieces you prefer and offer. I love to throw these inside a treat ball for my dog to work out as it provides mental stimulation and they are enticing on their own. Not an overly smelly treat for handling – we love these and what a great price!!

  2. Cassie L

    These are one of our favorite and go to treats for our Great Dane. We try to keep his treats to limited / single ingredient. We love dehydrated lung and liver. They are light weight, can be broken up. They don’t have too strong of a smell and he goes crazy for them!

  3. Graeme Walker

    I always have this in stock. Great for both my dog and cat! This is a main reason my cat came off of temptation treats. If both my pets had an option i’m pretty sure they would choose to live off the stuff. They also make great training treat options because you can break it up to the size you want very easily.

  4. Alisha lane

    These are the dogs all time favourite treat! They could be outside and hear the bag opening haha they go crazy for these!!! Apparently so does other dogs cause sometimes I bring them to the dog park in my pocket and all the dogs follow me around the whole time. 😀

  5. Racheldavis

    Love this beef lung for training! My pups always love it and would do anything for beef lung..also love that you can break it down to the desired size

  6. Leah

    My puppy loves this but he choked, I cut in small pieces to avoid choking but still happened, I got so worried for few minutes until he got it out. Thank goodness.

  7. pimathesamoyed (client confirmé)

    I love giving this treat as a midnight snack to avoid any bile vomiting due to the long break between meals at night. My dog loves them so much, nice and crunchy!

  8. tricolourtrails (client confirmé)

    I love that these are thicker than the beef liver, but also low calorie! A great snack that easily breaks into smaller pieces. Almost has a wafer texture. Great for training!

  9. SYCOSTA (client confirmé)

    My 5mth pup loves these, I love that you can break them up into small pieces for training.

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