Cookhouse – Beef Meatloaf

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Premium quality meatloaf that is an excellent option for senior dogs, pets suffering from compromised digestive systems or for fussy eaters!

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A fresh-cooked, meatloaf-style meal suitable for all sizes and breeds. Warm it up slight for a taste they will love. Our hypoallergenic formula uses only fresh, human-grade ingredients, is dye and preservative-free, and flash-frozen to lock in all the nutrients. It’s the next best thing to home cooking! We use only real, locally-sourced ingredients like muscle and organ meat, fresh eggs, vegetables and whole, unprocessed grains that are gently cooked to ensure maximum nutrient retention. It’s so healthy, you could literally eat it yourself!

When raw can’t be your first choice – this is the next best choice!


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Lean Ground Beef, Beef Organ Meats, Purified Water, Quick Cooked Rolled Oats, Apples, Stone Ground Brown Rice Flour, Oat Flour, Whole Barley Flour, Organic Spelt Flour, Sweet Potatoes, White Potatoes, Carrots, Eggs, Sunflower Oil, Nutritional Yeast, Collard Greens, Lecithin Granules, Kelp Powder, Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, Carob Powder, Calcium Carbonate, Parsley Flakes, Ground Ginger, Oregano, Rosemary, Vitamin C Crystals, Marjoram.

187.5g per serving (2 servings per 375 g tray)
Serving Size 187.50 g %
Energy kcal 421.39
Protein g 16.56 8.8%
Total lipid (fat) g 16.69 8.9%
Total Saturated Fat g 4.14 2.2%
Carbohydrate g 25.18 13.4%
Fiber Total g 3.51 1.9%
Sugars, total g 0.66
Cholesterol mg 156.41
Calcium Ca mg 371.21
Iron Fe mg 4.82
Sodium Na mg 60.98
Vitamin C mg 257.38
Vitamin A IU 7603.71


Meatloaf should be stored in the freezer and thawed for serving.  We recommend placing the frozen food in the fridge for a day prior to feeding.  Meatloaf will last in the fridge for around 4 or 5 days (just like any fresh food product).

5 lb = 95 gram = 1/4 loaf

10 lb = 150 gram = 1/2 loaf

25 lb = 250 gram = 3/4 loaf

45 lb = 375 gram  = 1 loaf

65 lb = 525 gram = 1 1/2 loaf

80 lb = 750 gram = 2 loaves

7 reviews for Cookhouse – Beef Meatloaf

  1. Amanda Virdo

    Our senior dog started to refuse food – this product got her eating again! And there were no tummy upsets afterwards!

  2. Tracey Kelly

    This is a big hit in our house. It’s also a nice alternative for when you are feeding elsewhere.

  3. Ernie (verified owner)

    an amazing product for transitioning over to raw! Smells delicious and the ingredients are great!

  4. barksandmeow

    My mom’s dog was on raw food for a few years but because of old age and dental disease we decided to switch her over to something a little easier for her. It was a great switch and she is loving her new meals! Bowls are always licked clean.

  5. Ashley Taylor (verified owner)

    My go to when my boy is refusing to eat or having stomach upset. Gets him to eat every time.

  6. Casandra Foster

    Simply amazing product,
    I have a Pomeranian that once in awhile gets picky on food and I hate feeding wet food. A co-worker told me about this product and my little girl is very fussy so I figured I’d try it but didn’t get Hope’s up but worked out that she went crazy for it. She gets it 3 times a week with her herring oil and THRIVE BOVINE COLOSTRUM POWDER.

    Thank you big country raw for this product.

  7. Sheri Kotiuk (verified owner)

    This was a lifesaver when Riley had to stay at vet for surgery. The vet said more than likely she won’t feel good and go off her food… she never missed a meal.

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