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  • Stuffed Beef Tracheas – 2 pieces

    2 pieces of dehydrated beef trachea stuffed with our awesome beef tripe. A sure favourite!

  • Raw Goat Milk – 490 ml

    A Probiotic Powerhouse!

    Raw fermented goats milk is an excellent supplement for dogs & cats of all ages. Recommended as an excellent way to successfully restore good digestive gut bacteria when making the switch from dry food to raw. Also beneficial for improved digestion, liver disorders and improved immune system response.

    Also highly recommended for breeders! An excellent way to wean puppies from mother’s milk to raw food.

  • Beef Dinner CARTON – 4 lb

    The best raw Beef Dinner available!  Only Canadian Hormone & Antibiotic Free Pasture Raised Beef, and our #2 best selling menu choice.

  • Whole Quail – 2lb Bag (10 -12 pieces)

    Looking for a novel protein source for your dog or cat?  Quail is an excellent choice for pets with allergies or food intolerances to chicken or beef.

    Each quail is approximately 3 – 4 oz a piece making it a perfect meal for your small dog or cat.  Add to your pet’s dish as part of a rotational protein for a balanced raw diet.

    Quail is high in iron and important essential nutrient for healthy bones and muscles.  A great choice for growing puppies and active dogs & cats.



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    Dehydrated Lake Smelt 75g

    100% Dehydrated Lake Smelt – 75g

  • Bosco and Roxys – Peanut Butter Yogrrrz

  • Bosco and Roxys – Vanilla Yogurrrz

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    Hound Pops – Berries & Goat Milk

    Flying Hound Berries and Goat Milk Hound Pops

    Is your dog looking for a vegetarian healthy treat? Then, no need to look any further, this tasty “pupsicle” is a healthy blend of raspberries, cherries, strawberries and blueberries, goat milk AND organic coconut oil. In case you were wondering, berries are healthy and super tasty!

    Size: 30ml + 10g treat stick

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    • organic strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and cherries
    • organic local goat milk
    • touch of organic coconut oil
    • treat stick = sweet potato, turmeric, & oat flour
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    Legendary Canine Fur Freshener Spray – 250 ml

    This 100% natural Fur Freshener uses essential oils to produce a fresh, outdoors aroma with a hint of citrus! So, no matter what your dog gets into on the trails, we can get the stink out!

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    Legendary Canine Dry Shampoo – 250 ml

    This 100% natural dog deodorizer can be used frequently without drying out your dog’s coat. Excellent quick alternative to bathing. Can also be used to deodorize dog bedding and potty accidents.

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    Legendary Canine Snout Butter – 60ml

    Handcrafted with 100% natural ingredients, our Snout Butter moisturizes your dog’s dry or chapped snout and lips. Natural scent reveals hints of honey.

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    Legendary Canine Paw & Elbow Rescue – 60 ml

    A non greasy, quick absorbing, 100% natural paw and elbow balm to relieve dogs of dry, cracked or damaged areas.