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Poudre d'orme rouge Thrive - 80 g

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Poudre d'orme rouge du Canada. Un produit naturel pour soulager les estomacs fragiles ou perturbés.

Remède naturel pour soulager la constipation et la diarrhée. La poudre d'orme enrobe l'estomac et le tractus intestinal pour soulager les problèmes de digestion, y compris les maladies gastro-intestinales telles que les maladies inflammatoires de l'intestin, la colite, les ulcères et la gastrite.

La poudre d'orme rouge est sans danger pour les chiens à tous les stades de la vie. Il contient du mucilage - une substance qui, lorsqu'elle est mélangée avec de l'eau, fait une épaisse couche de protection, apaisant la bouche, l'oesophage , l'estomac et les intestins.


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Poudre d'orme rouge naturelle

Mélanger avec de l'eau froide pour créer un sirop épais. Ajoutez immédiatement à la nourriture ou donner à l’aide d’une seringue dans la bouche de l’animal. NE PAS nourrir moins de 2 heures après la prise d'autres médicaments.

Posologie :

1 mesure = 1/2 cuillerée à thé (2,5 ml)

10 lb - 1/4 cuillère à thé ou 1/2 mesure 

20 lb - 1/2 cuillère à thé ou 1 mesure

40 lb - 1 cuillère à thé ou 2 mesures

60 lb - 1 1/2 cuillère à thé ou 3 mesures

80 lb - 2 cuillères à thé ou 4 mesures

100 lb - 2 1/2 cuillères à thé ou 4 mesures


22 avis pour THRIVE Slippery Elm Powder – 80g

  1. Danielle

    This is a product I will always keep on hand. I’ve had a few occurrences where my pup has had a very upset stomach. This helps to soothe and calm his stomach fast!

  2. williamsbk21

    This product needs to be in every pet parents household. It is like doggy pepto and has been a lifesaver when something has upset my dog’s stomach and he needs something to soothe it. You just mix it with some water to make a paste and I feed it before any food and it really helps in soothing his upset tummy.

  3. vmckenzie

    An amazing product to keep on standby. My pup is prone to digestive upset, and so we tend to serve this with bone broth to help settle her tummy. Works like a charm!

  4. megurq

    The easiest way to sooth a sore tummy or assist with poops that are too firm or too soft. Simply mix with a bit of water to create a runny paste and serve! A delicious smelling supplement for the pet parents too which is a bonus, smells like maple syrup! A pleasant surprise and bonus for those sensitive to smell when serving raw.

  5. Tracey Kelly

    I love this product! When my boy gets an upset tummy, I mix it with some pumpkin and in no time he’s back to his normal self!

  6. Melissa Goncalves

    This product is great to have on hand. Whenever my pup has an upset stomach I mix a bit of this in water and add to his food (see package for exact amount) and within no time he is feeling better. This smells quite sweet so the smell isn’t overpowering making it difficult for your pup to eat. I’ve also added Goat’s milk to it and he eats itno problem.

  7. gsp

    I highly reccomend this product for anyone who has a pup with constipation! Great for soothing the tummy ache and a happy dog

  8. Ruthsimmons (client confirmé)

    Worked really well when my dog had a persistent stomach upset for a week, along with the pumpkin it helped stop whatever was causing him gas and diarrhea.
    Really pleased with the speed of its effectiveness and the natural ingredient

  9. Ozzy (client confirmé)

    My pup has digestive issues so this is a staple in our home. Works incredibly well.

  10. shan

    I had never actually heard of the powerful properties of slippery elm until I had a BCR raw fed dog. We were lucky the first 8 months or so of his life until suddenly had the dreaded “coming home to a huge mess” situation. Poor pup 🙁 We ran to our local supplier and picked up a container of this and now I will never be without again! My pup loved the taste and it does have a sort of pleasant sweet smell to it. This supplement is a must for all pet owners!

  11. Briana Black

    We will never not have Slippery Elm in our stash – it settles upset bellies in no time! This is a MUST BUY!

  12. Racheldavis

    This is something I always have on hand! This product works wonders. Everyone should have this on hand !

  13. Barbie Wallace

    I had never heard of this until it was recommended to me for Pradas upset tummy and loose stool. One treatment was a miracle cure for her, it did the trick! Best product Ive ever used!!

  14. hui0414

    This is the one thing we always have at home in case of upset stomach or diarrhea. Our girl has very sensitive stomach and gets diarrhea easily. This is a lifesaver for us. Before using this, we brought her to the vet many times because of diarrhea. With this, no more vet visit for diarrhea ever again. We just mix it up with a bit of water to make paste, she licks them right off!

  15. Glenda

    I am so happy I discovered this amazing product!! Works amazing when my dogs have tummy upsets and diahrrea. I highly recommend this! I always make sure I have this on hand.

  16. Rachael Meagher

    I always have this stocked at home. One of my girls has tummy issues and this has been a miracle worker for her.

  17. Krystal

    This is a must have on hand for upset tummies!

  18. Angie Boothman (client confirmé)

    We always make sure we have this is our house! Whenever my dogs have an upset stomach we feed this and it makes them feel better soo fast!! been a life saver a few times. highly recommend this supplement to all pet owners.

  19. Catherine Poissant

    Excellent supplément a avoir sous la main pour les problèmes/maux d’estomac.

  20. Tamaraachan

    My Dexter has stomach problems, he very sensitive to certain things (bees especially) so when he eats one I immediately give him some Elm Powder, it soothes his stomach and helps protect it.

  21. Beardes8818 (client confirmé)

    This stuff is a saving grace for my pesky toy poodle who tends to eat things she shouldn’t then upsets her stomach. I find a little bit of this and next thing you know her stomach seems to settle as she stops throwing up or having accidents. I find she likes it best mixed with the water then some goats milk or dog peanut butter.


    Another must have for my girl with the health issues and sensitive stomach. It used to take her a week to bounce back from an upset but this makes it a few days at most.

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