How do I know how much to feed my pet, and how do I measure or weigh the food?

We recommend to feed your dog 2% of its ideal body weight in food per day and cats 2.5%. Simply take the total and divide into how many meals you are feeding per day. For example 50 lb dog x 2% = 1.  This means your pet requires 1 lb. per day. Divided into 2 meals = 1/2 lb. per serving.

Another quick way to determine how much to feed is to replace every 1 cup of dry food (high quality grain free) with 1/2 lb. of raw. If your dog is currently eating 3 cups of dry food per day = 1.5 lbs. of raw per day.

Feeding Portion Guidelines:

Your average 12-13 lb dog requires 1/4 lb of food daily

Your average 25 lb dog requires 1/2 lb of food daily

Your average 50 lb dog requires 1 lb of food daily

Your average 75 lb dog requires 1 1/2 lb of food daily

Your average 100 lb dog requires 2 lb of food daily and so on

To determine the monthly cost, simply use the sliding scale on this page. Move the scale to your pet’s ideal weight to estimate your monthly feeding cost.

Portioning Tools

We offer a kitchen scale that is perfect for portioning out your pet’s Big Country Raw. it has a 10 lb capacity – large enough for any breed. It’s easy to use and even easier to clean!

Each of our vacuum sealed packages in our 4 lb. Cartons contains 1 lb.  If your dog required 1/4 lb. per day you could also divide the package into 4 equal servings.  Same for 1/3 lb = 3 days or 1/2 lb = 2 days.

Raw to Dry Conversion

Another handy tip to remember is that generally speaking 1/2 lb of raw is equal to 1 cup of dry food (high quality grain-free).  So if you were feeding 2 cups of dry food your dog is likely going to eat 1 lb. of raw per day.

12 comments on “How do I know how much to feed my pet, and how do I measure or weigh the food?

  1. Krista Bradley on

    Hi, how would it be adjusted if we wanted to also mix some sweet potatoes in there, would the weight requirement of the raw food change? Or is it still the same weight in raw food PLUS any add-ins? Thanks!

    • Linda Vandervliet on

      Hi Krista, You can certainly add in more fruit and vegetables if you like. We always suggest low-glycemic (less sweet) options so as not to encourage yeast overgrowth in the body. Fruit and veg shouldn’t make up more than 20% of the overall diet. They’re a great addition to help with weight loss – you can substitute a portion of the raw meal with vegetables. Or, if your dog doesn’t need to lose weight, you can add some in addition to their raw portion of the meal.

  2. Cody Hambly on

    Hey there! I am just looking to switch my dog from kibble to raw. I am just reviewing your calculations and would like some guidance. As per your calculations it would appear that I would feed my dog about 2 LBS per day. She currently eats 3.5 cups per day and is 50 pounds. She is extremely lean and not an ounce of fat on her. According to your calculations she should only be eating about 1 LB of raw food per day? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks for your time,
    Cody and Echo

    • Linda Vandervliet on

      Hi Cody, Your average dog requires 2% of their body weight in raw food daily which for Echo would be 1lb each day. You can split that into two 1/2 lb meals each day.
      Hope that helps

  3. Addy on

    I have a year and half old Boston Terrier who is 22lbs.
    I bought the Turkey Dinner/Chicken Dinner/Breeder Blend grab to go frozen box for $63.
    How long will it last? How much should I feed him per day? (Like two cups or so)? Should I be adding anything else or just that?
    Please let me know. Any other tips would help too.
    P.S. he is one picky dog lol.



  4. Tony Rushton on

    Hi.I have a 20 week old active Finnish Laphaund.He is 34 lbs. How much raw should he get per day approximatley? We have been feeding him @ 7oz for breakfast, 8 oz for dinner and @ 7-8 oz for supper.

  5. Esther B. on

    I have two Greyhounds. Budgets only allow me to switch part of there food to raw. They weigh 65lb and 50lb. I expect the 50 pounder (an 8month old female) to be around 70Lb based on parents. If I am going to switch 1/4-1/2 their diet to raw how much should I feed, and should I do it mixed with kibble or in a separate meal? I would love some advice!

    • BigCountryRaw on

      Yes, you can feed both kibble and raw. We know that this is a controversial topic for many people. Providing even some fresh raw food in their diet than none at all.
      If you want to feed 1/4 raw, you feed 1/4 the daily portion of raw and 3/4 the daily portion of kibble in one day. Or 1/2 and 1/2 if that’s what you decide. You can also alternate days, 1 day dry and 1 day raw.


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