Frozen Quail Eggs – 18 Ct

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An excellent addition to your pet’s raw meals!

Add raw shelled or unshelled quail eggs to your pets dish as a daily meal addition or special treat. Raw Quail Eggs are an excellent source of protein! Shells are an excellent source of calcium.


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A small but nutritious addition to your dog or cats raw diet.  Offer along side a meal of all alone as a special treat.

Daily Serving Suggestion:

5 – 20 lbs – 1 egg

20 – 40 lbs – 2 eggs

40 – 60 lbs – 3 eggs

80 + lbs – 4+ eggs

Frozen Quail Eggs – 18 count.

Nutrient Analysis Analyse des éléments nutritifs
Per 31 grams (3 eggs) Par 31 grammes (3 oeufs)
Calories Calories 45
Protein Protéines 4 g
Fat Matières grasses 3 g
Fibre Fibres 0 g
Sodium/Sodium – 40 g

Vitamin D/Vitamine D – 2 mcg

Iron/Fer – 1 mg

Potassium/Potassium – 37 mg

Vitamin A/Vitamine A – 53 mcg


Safe Handling Instructions:

Frozen Quail Eggs for pet consumption.  Can be kept frozen for up to 12 months.  Once thawed eggs can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 15 days.

Serving Instructions:

Freezing eggs will cause the outer shell to crack, but often the membrane will not break.   We suggest thawing eggs in refrigerator in a glass dish, as leaking is possible.  Once thawed, add raw egg(s) to your pet’s meal as a daily addition or special treat.

13 reviews for Frozen Quail Eggs – 18 Ct

  1. megurq (verified owner)

    We are just thrilled that Big Country Raw is now offering Quail Eggs! They are the perfect size for dogs small and large, and are an excellent alternative to chicken eggs! They have thinner/softer shells then chicken eggs so feel free to feed them whole or crushed! They can also be fed frozen or thawed. Plus at 18 in a carton for less than $4, that is a wicked deal!

  2. williamsbk21 (verified owner)

    I love the quail eggs! They are so easy to throw onto my dog’s meals and he eats the entire thing happily. They are also a really good price and I love that they come in frozen. I usually prep my guys meals the night before so by the time he eats them they’ve thawed, but I have always given him them frozen and he enjoys them either way.

  3. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom (verified owner)

    Such a good price for 18 eggs! My guy wasn’t sure about them at first but now loves eating them, shells and all. They’re so easy to pop into your pets meal (thawed or frozen) for an extra source of calcium and protein, or as a special treat.

  4. Amanda (verified owner)

    Definitely a staple in our house! The dogs love them thawed or frozen while our cat likes them frozen. Awesome price also!

  5. Debra.Steele (verified owner)

    My guys LOVE these quail eggs. So nutritious for them. Even the cat is getting in on the benefits. She is not all about the shell but she loves the insides so for her I feed them thawed. You can’t beat this price point for 18 quail eggs. You have to order more than one carton.

  6. Lindsay

    Great addition to add into my dogs meal. He loves them and eats them frozen. Excellent source of nutrients and price is very fair

  7. Melissa Goncalves

    The first time I fed these to my dog he’s wasn’t quite sure what to do them with! I tried again the next day and it was a huge hit! I usually serve them frozen (mostly because I forget to take them out of the freezer) but he’s happy to eat them thawed out too.

  8. Jenn2008 (verified owner)

    My girl just loves her quail eggs. She gets them regularly and is always excited to see them. I feed thawed as she seems to prefer them that way. Great price!

  9. Erin Campbell

    Both my cats and my dogs go absolutely insane for these, they make such a great additon to their meals and honestly, you cannot beat the price! 18 for less than 4 dollars? So affordable.

  10. Ozzy (verified owner)

    My dog loves these! Won’t eat the shell so he has to work for the prize inside!

  11. Danielle

    Love the quail eggs. We feed them to both dogs (one small, one medium) every few days. We put them in with their meal, shell and all. A great and simple way to add more nutrients to your dogs meal.

  12. Isabel P

    These eggs are the perfect size for my little dog! I crack a thawed egg open over his food to add some extra nutrients to his meal. I saw some dogs eat the shells too but my guy won’t touch them.


    I love that I can give my dog a special treat now and then that is so good for her. I also love that it is the perfect size for her little mouth.

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