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Fare Game – Kangaroo & Lamb – 2 lb

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Fare Game Kangaroo & Lamb offers a unique red meat combination that is full of flavour and low in fat to keep your cat at its optimal weight. Packaged in ½ lb portions, each 2 lb carton contains 4 vacuum-sealed packs.
• Complete and balanced
• A great option for cats with allergies
• Formulated to NRC and produced in a HACCP certified kitchen
• Formulated for kittens and cats
• Strongly recommend having 3-5 proteins in your cat’s meal rotation
• Recommend supplementing with Herring or Salmon Oil

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Product Code: FGKL2

INGREDIENTS Kangaroo and Lamb: Kangaroo meat, lamb bone, lamb liver, calcium carbonate, zinc glycinate, vitamin E, manganese glycinate, potassium iodide, thiamine mononitrate INGRÈDIENTS: Viande de kangourou, os d'agneau, foie d'agneau, carbonate de calcium, glycinate de zinc, vitamine E, glycinate de manganèse, iodure de potassium, mononitrate de thiamine


Fare Game – Kangaroo & Lamb – 2 lb (2 reviews )

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  1. T

    May cat has IBD and he recently developed an allergy to the rabbit & pork formula I had him on for years. I had to find a new protein source he had not had before to switch him onto, and well kangaroo and lamb aren’t proteins you normally find in cat food. He loves the Kangaroo & Lamb formula and it has worked wonders for his IBD!
    It has a similar texture to the rabbit & pork formula and made for a very easy switch, and apparently its super tasty because my other cat refuses to the remaining rabbit & pork formula I have and keeps trying to steal her brothers food. I have tried switching brands in the past but my cat refused to eat most as the texture of the food wasn’t quite right.

    Here’s hoping they continue to release other novel protein mixtures in the future, it’s a real life saver for cats with allergies.

  2. Elizabeth

    Have tried all formulas and while my cats will slowly lick the beef, chicken, salmon/pork and rabbit/chicken and beef- they won’t eat it – so when I introduced this I was shocked to see them both devour the whole amount! I have tried to introduce all the other flavors on a rotational basis but they just turn their nose up and only want this one. Hope more version of this red meat option become available as I know they should be having 3-5 different proteins … will keep trying the others but for now this is the only one they will eat!

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Kangaroo and Lamb Main Nutrient

Analysis shown per 100g as fed

  • Calories
  • 146
  • Protein/Protéines
  • 22%
  • Fat/Lipides
  • 6%
  • Carbs/Glucides
  • 1%
  • Fiber/Fibre
  • 0%
  • Moisture/Humidité
  • 69%
  • Calcium
  • 0.45%
  • Phosporus/Phospore
  • 0.4%

Kangaroo and Lamb Analysis shown per 100g as fed

Potassium (g) 0.3
Sodium (g) 0.08
Magnesium (mg) 20
Iron (mg) 3.33
Iodine (mcg) 69.79
Copper (mg) 0.71
Manganese (mg) 0.21
Selenium (mcg) 17.13
Zinc (mg) 4.77
Vitamin A (IU) 2448.99
Thiamine (mg) 0.19
Riboflavin (mg) 0.75
Pantothenic Aid (mg) 1.28
Niacin (mg) 6.41
Pyridoxine (mg) 0.25
Cobalamine (mcg) 12.03
Folate (mcg) 33.26
Vitamin D (mcg) 0.43
Vitamin E (mg) 1.57
Linoleic Acid (g) 0.15
Alpha-linoleic Acid (g) 0.06
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (g) <0.1
Docosahexaenoic Acid (g) <0.1
Arachidonic Acid (g) <0.1
Oleic Acid (g) 2.27
Arginine (g) 1.16
Methionine + Cystine (g) 3.43
Histidine (g) 0.48
Isoleucine (g) 0.71
Leucine (g) 1.51
Lysine (g) 1.36
Phenylalanine + Tyrosine (g) 1.65
Taurine (g) 0.04
Threonine (g) 0.83
Valine (g) 0.78

Disclaimer: Big Country Raw® follows the Minimal Requirement (Amount/1000kcal for Growing Kittens After Weaning & Adults Cats) suggested by The Nutrient Requirement for Dogs and Cats by the National Research Council (NRC). We recommend adding fish or Thrive® fish oil to meet the NRC Recommended Allowances for Fatty Acids.

Feeding Guide


  • Keep food frozen and thaw in refrigerator until ready to use.
  • Raw food must be used within 3 days after thawing.
  • Return unused food back to the refrigerator after serving.
  • Serve in stainless steel or ceramic dishes.
  • Wash all work surfaces, utensils, serving spoons and hands with hot water and soap after handling raw meat and poultry.
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