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Big Country Raw Packaging

We are committed to offering convenient packaging solutions for our customers. We offer our products in two packaging types.

Vacuum Sealed Packages

Why Vacuum Sealed Plastic?

These are our most popular packaging option. Each package is vacuum sealed to preserve freshness and provides the best protection for raw meat, from moisture loss or freezer burn.

Vacuum sealed packs use 65% less plastic than a plastic rigid container and also offer substantial space savings over containers as well.

Products that Use This Packaging

This packaging choice is available in:

  • 4lb cartons (1lb portions)
  • 12lb Grab N Go boxes (1lb portions)
  • 2lb Fare Game cartons (½lb portions)
  • 2lb CookHouse Meatloaf (750g loaf)

High Scores For:

  • Freshness
  • Space savings
  • Smaller portions
  • Minimal plastic packaging
  • Most popular

Paperboard Containers

Why Paperboard?

Paperboard containers are suitable for raw pet food as they don’t crack or break in the freezer, which is common for plastics when they are exposed to cold temperatures. This reduces the amount of damaged product during shipping and handling.

Paperboard containers are recyclable in most regions and break down in a landfill in less than 8 years, opposed to the 80+ years for a plastic container. Our paperboard is also made from sustainable renewable resources, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

The downside is that paper containers are not 100% leakproof. Occasionally a container may leak, so we recommend putting a “catch plate” underneath to avoid messy refrigerator clean-ups.

Products that Use This Packaging

Paper containers are available in:

  • 18lb Grab N Go boxes (2lb containers)
  • 4lb tubs

High Scores For:

  • Convenience
  • Larger portion sizes
  • Eco-friendly choice
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