No more doggie odour

The numerous preservatives, additives and animal by-products in your pet’s commercially prepared food results in dull coats, with a greasy residue and distinctive “doggie” odour. Your pet will get more cuddles, hugs and couch time when they smell clean and fresh!

No more dull, thin, flat coat

Fur is 90% protein, and to get a velvet soft coat with loads of volume, shine and luster, but also LESS SHEDDING, you need a high quality animal protein diet! Switch to raw and watch your dog or cat get a gorgeous, shiny coat you never thought was possible. Oh, and less shedding too… kind of amazing, hey?

No more piles of poo

Does your dog poo weigh as much as the food they are eating? Cleaning out the litter box daily? Wondering if they are getting any nutrients from the kibble in their bowl? Raw fed poop is small, firm and biodegradable! Free of fillers, questionable ingredients and preservatives, a raw diet is more digestible and therefore less waste is eliminated.

No more itchy dog

Food allergies are the # 1 reason people to consider switching to raw. Why? Because it works! Itching, scratching, and feet chewing are all classic food allergy symptoms that can all be eliminated by choosing to feed a natural raw diet.

No more tearing

Does your dog have tear stains? Tried all sorts of remedies to keep the face clean? Commercially prepared foods contain tons of preservatives that cause tearing. Switch to raw and watch it disappear! See results in as little as 2 – 3 weeks.



No more ear infections

Chronic ear infections can make life miserable for your pet. Expensive vet visits, antibiotics and treatments, and the problem still doesn’t go away! Most ear infections are caused by Malazzezia or Candida yeast, which thrives on sugars found in a carbohydrate-rich, dry food diet. Switch to raw with a novel protein, eliminating the carbohydrates which inhibits yeast growth, and watching your pet shaking it’s head may become a distant memory.

No more stinky breath

Poor dental health, particularly the build up of plaque and tartar, is a huge concern for pet owners. Toss away those useless green “toothbrushes” – your dog or cat was born to chew raw bones! Feed them like nature intended, and you won’t have tartar build up or stinky breath anymore! We recommend 2 -3 raw meaty bones per week in your raw feeding program, and your dog or cat will have clean teeth and fresh breath in as little as 6 days!

No more late night potty breaks

Raw diets are 65% – 70% moisture, so your dog won’t need excessive amounts of water to rehydrate their dry food. In addition to being properly hydrated, they will also have improved liver and kidney function. Prevent urinary tract infections, bladder and kidney stones and lawn burn from highly acidic urine, simply with proper hydration.

No more couch potato

When your pet feels better they are more alert and eager to play! Properly nourished, your dog or cat will have newfound energy and interests. It’s never too late to switch. The most common comment from senior pet owners is that they wished they had made the switch years ago! Puppy owners also notice their puppy has a better attention span and interest in learning when fed a diet without excessive sugars from starchy carbohydrates.

No more expensive vet visits

Raw fed dogs and cats have a stronger, more resilient immune system. This makes them less prone to viruses and bacteria that can make your pet sick. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates
This is true for our pets too! If you feed them properly they will be healthier!

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