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    big country raw recipe book

    We’ve compiled our favourite frozen treat mold recipes, and we can’t wait to share them with you. With over 30 recipes, ranging from 1-layer beginner molds, to 5-layer popsicles, pet owners will have fun recreating these recipes using Big Country Raw and affiliate products.

    Please note: Our latest revised book has an updated cover page and a few new recipes. If you have purchased the book in the past this is a revision with all the same information and style. 

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    hero collagen ring

    Collagen Ring

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    hero beef basted collagen stick 12 inch

    Beef Basted Collagen 12″

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    hero dehydrated rabbit ears – 55g

    100% Dehydrated Rabbit Ears

  • Mail Order IconNew IconLamb-Horn

    hero lamb horn – 1 pc

    HeroDogTreats Lamb Horn is a single ingredient chew, made up of Natural Keratin. The thousands of small fibres make them perfect for teeth cleaning and getting rid of built-up tartar on your dog’s teeth! Our Lamb Horns are a long lasting, nutrient rich chew for your pet.

  • Mail Order IconNew IconHERO Collagen Stick 12 Inch

    hero collagen stick -12 inch

    HeroDogTreats 100% natural beef collagen treats are a single ingredient, long lasting chew that helps promote healthy teeth and gums. Rich in amino acids to help reduce joint pain and keep your pets coat shiny. Great for heavy chewers.

  • Mail Order IconNew IconHERO Collagen Stick 6 Inch

    hero collagen stick – 6 inch

    Hero Collagen Stick – 6 Inch

  • Mail Order IconHero Bully Sticks 12 pc

    hero beef bully stick – 6″ (12 pack)

    12 pack of 6 inch – 100% Dehydrated Beef Pizzle

  • Mail Order IconDehydrated Beef Pizzle Chew 12-inch - 9 PACK

    hero beef bully sticks -12″ (9 pack)

    9 pack – 100% Dehydrated  12  inch Beef Pizzle. Great Value!

  • Mail Order IconDehydrated Beef Liver - 114g

    hero dehydrated beef liver – 114g

    100% Dehydrated Beef Liver

  • Mail Order IconDehydrated Beef Lung - 65g

    hero dehydrated beef lung – 65g

    100% Dehydrated Beef Lung – 65g

  • Mail Order IconDehydrated Chicken Breast - 100g

    hero dehydrated chicken breast – 100g

    100% Dehydrated Chicken Breast