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  • Mail Order IconDuckies eMat Front

    sodapup – emat with suction cups duckies – yellow

    SodaPup – eMat with Suction Cups Duckies – Yellow

  • Mail Order Icon

    sodapup – emat with suction cups whale – blue

    SodaPup – Emat Whale with suction cups – blue

  • Mail Order Icon

    sodapup – etray feeder mandala – pink

    SodaPup – Mandala Etray Feeder – Pink

  • Mail Order Icon

    sodapup – etray waiting – blue

    SodaPup – eTray Waiting – Blue

  • Mail Order IconNew IconSodaPup-Great-Outdoors-Green-Ebowl-Front

    sodapup – great outdoors ebowl – green

    SodaPup – Great Outdoors eBowl – Green

  • Mail Order IconNew IconSodaPup-Four-Seasons-Etray-Front

    sodapup four seasons etray – green

    SodaPup Four Seasons eTray – Green

  • Mail Order IconNew IconSodaPup-Honeypot-Pink-Ecup-Front

    sodapup honey pot pupx – pink

    SodaPup Honey Pot PupX – Pink

  • Mail Order IconNew IconSodaPup-Honeypot-Yellow-Ecup-Front

    sodapup honey pot pupx – yellow

    SodaPup Honey Pot PupX – Yellow

  • Mail Order IconBlue Cooler Bag - drool alert

    thermal cooler bag – large


  • Mail Order Iconkitchen scale

    kitchen scale

    Portioning is easy with our Big Country kitchen scale.

    It has a 22 lb (10kg) capacity – large enough for any breed. It’s easy to use and even easier to clean!

    Now you can accurately portion out exactly what your dog or cat requires for each meal.

  • Mail Order IconBig Country Raw Defrosting Tray

    big country raw defrosting tray

    The Big Country Raw defrost tray allows you to thaw raw frozen food up to 10x faster than at room temperature!
  • Mail Order IconLick Tray 2023

    big country raw lick tray – blue and white

    Let them play with their food! The Big Country Raw Lick Tray is specifically designed for the raw fed pet. A sturdy, non-skid design that makes meal time fun!