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Thrive Joint Support – 300g

(14 customer reviews)

Unique blend of minerals to reduce inflammation and pain associated with joint disease including hip or elbow dysplasia and arthritis.  Maintaining the joints of an active dog is paramount to a healthy pain free mobility. Recommended for medium to large breed puppies from 8 weeks to 18 months as a preventative to joint disease.

MSM is beneficial for improved joint health as it reduces pain and inflammation. MSM also promotes healing of skin, bones, muscles and connective tissue.

Glucosamine HCL is a vital building block for producing cartilage. Glucosamine can reduce joint swelling and inflammation and increase mobility especially when combined with Chondroitin.

Chondroitin Sulfate is a natural substance that acts like a sponge to draw water into the canine joint cartilage, which helps to cushion the joints.

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Thrive Joint Support – 300g (14 reviews )

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  1. williamsbk21

    I use the joint support in combination with the green lipped mussels but usually feed them on different meals. My dog has joint issues and so I try and make sure he gets everything he needs to stay happy and healthy and running wild like he loves to do. I love that he can now run as much as he wants and I don’t have to worry that he won’t be able to walk properly for a few days. I have even started easing him into biking with me again!

  2. shepie.miniaussie (verified owner)

    I have a very active Mini Australian Shepherd who can get quite stiff after agility or long-distance runs. I’ve searched high and low for a joint supplement that doesn’t have fish in it because my dog is allergic to fish. I feed this supplement every day (going on 7 months now) and I’ve noticed a huge difference! He has a greater range of motion now and no stiffness.

  3. Hannah

    This has helped my dog a lot!

  4. Sandra Hcm (verified owner)

    I just recently started using the Joint Supplement based on the vet’s recommendation. My dog was recently in for Luxating Patella surgery so making sure she has the best recovery and diet to support that is my top priority. It blends easily into her raw diet and she doesn’t even notice anything was added. Way easier than trying to give a pill and much more affordable than other brands that had additional ingredients that seemed unnecessary.

  5. lovelauren (verified owner)

    So happy to find this product! I have a ten year old bull terrier/chocolate lab mix. We could play for an hour tossing a ball or stick back and forth and it would barely poop him out & the next day he was ready to go again…. now since two years ago I have had to limit him because even after ten mins (he doesn’t notice at the time of playing) but when we get home and the next day he is so sore 🙁 now since using this product for 4 months I’ve noticed a tremendous difference he is no where near as sore or tender! He loves his runs and I love that I don’t have to stop him after just 5-10 mins amazing product!

  6. koake (verified owner)

    We started adding the Thrive Joint Support supplement to both of our dogs meals after we found out our three year old Rottie mix had hip dysplasia, and a torn CCL in one of her back legs. After surgery on her leg and a long recovery, she still wasn’t back to herself or putting weight on her leg.
    After a couple weeks of having the Thrive Joint Support added to her meals she was running, jumping and playing just like she would as a puppy! I am amazed at the difference it has made! We now also include it in our Rottweiler puppies meals to help her growing joints stay healthy!

  7. Rachelstocco (verified owner)

    I use this as a preventative measure for my 2 yellow labs. Great product!

  8. Kristina D

    I add this to my french bulldogs food daily to prevent joint issues. I love that the powder comes with a scoop with easy to follow directions.

  9. JazzyJetson

    I got this as a preventative for my Golden Retriever puppy, such a great product. I love using it with making molds too!

  10. Komorebi

    We have bee in using this on our 14 year old and he is acting young again:) and hopefully get a few more years with him

  11. AudreyandLaika

    Un incontournable ayant un chien de grande race !!!

  12. Lévéke Breton

    La façon facile de donner de la glucosamine à mes chiens. Un cup de poudre dans le repas et hop!

  13. Marjolaine Despars

    Très bon supplément pour les chiens allergiques à la moule verte !

  14. mrsherlock

    I wish I could. Give this 5 stars. It really works. My dog seems more agile but he has severe diarrhea everytime even if it’s just a tiny bit of the powder so I can’t give it to him due to his tummy. 🙁

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Nutrient Facts

MSM, Glucosamine HCI, Chondroitin Sulfate, Rice Hull(<1%), Mineral Oil (<1%)

1 serving (1 tsp) contains:

Glucosamine – 1300 mg

MSM – 1876 mg

Chondroitin Sulfate – 782 mg

0.77g per scoop

1 scoop = 1/4 tsp

Feeding Guide

Add daily to raw or dry food. Product dissolves with water, simply mix and serve.

Suggested daily serving:

1 scoop = 1/4 tsp

10 lbs – 1/4 tsp or 1 scoop 

20 lbs – 1/2 tsp or 2 scoops

30 lbs – 3/4 tsp or  3 scoops

40 lbs – 1 tsp or 4 scoops

50 lbs – 1 1/4 tsp or 5 scoops

60 lbs – 1 1/2 tsp or 6 scoops

70 lbs – 1 3/4 tsp or 7 scoops

80 lbs – 2 tsp or 8 scoops

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