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Thrive Green Lipped Mussels – 160g

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Green Lipped Mussels are sourced from New Zealand and an excellent all natural joint support supplement.

Green-lipped mussels are shellfish from New Zealand and a recognized source of complex proteins, concentrated glycosaminoglycans, amino acids, omega 3 (ETA), omega 6, nucleic acids, selenium, and chelated minerals (zinc, copper and manganese). Green-lipped mussels are a source of chondroitin sulfate, a naturally occurring component of connective tissue and joint structure in animals. They also boast anti-inflammatory properties which also provide pain relief for dogs and cats suffering from elbow or hip dysplasia.


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Powdered Green Lipped Sea Mussels

100% Perna Canaliculus

Typical Analysis per 1g: (1000mg)

Crude protein .55g, Total fats 109mg, ash 0.9g

Total carbohydrates: 153mg, moisture 0.05g

Total essential fatty acids:

Total omega 3: 18.2mg (EPA 8.85mg, DHA 5.5mg, ETA 1.0mg, ALA 2.1mg)


Boron 16ug, calcium 3mg, copper 4.6ug, chromium 2ug, iodine 13.5ug, iron 0.46mg, manganese 15ug, magnesium 4.5mg, potassium 11mg, phosphorus 9.9mg, sodium 20mg, sulphur 18mg, selenium >1ug, taurine 29mg, zinc .63mg


Presenting vitamins: A, D, E, B2, B3, B6, B12 and vitamin C

Vitamins per 100g: B2 1.51mg, vit B6 4.67mg, vit B3 5.31mg, vit C 8.62mg

Glycosaminoglycans (GAG’s)/mucopolysaccharides:

GAGs 11-15% prominently chondroitin sulphate, with proteoglycans total 30%

0.67g per scoop

1 scoop = 1/4 tsp

Sprinkle daily into pet’s food. Daily supplementation can help in improving mobility and reduce pain from inflammation.

Use preventatively in growing puppies to reduce risk of joint disease and inflammation.


1 scoop = 1/4 tsp 

10 lbs – 1/8 tsp or 1/2 scoop 

20 lbs – 1/4 tsp or 1 scoops

40 lbs – 1/2 tsp or  2 scoops

60 lbs – 3/4 tsp or 3 scoops

80 lbs – 1 tsp or 4 scoops

100 lbs – 1 1/4 tsp or 5 scoops


21 reviews for Thrive Green Lipped Mussels – 160g

  1. Danielle

    With a large breed dog this supplement is a must for me! The anti-inflammatory properties are great in helping to maintain healthy joints

  2. williamsbk21

    Green lipped mussels are key to my dogs joint health. My pup has joint issues from when he was younger and accidentally jumped off a rock wall chasing a squirrel and ever since starting him on the green lipped mussels he no longer limps after walks. He runs a lot more and I see no sign of problems. I definitely recommend this product for younger dogs as a preventative and for older dogs who show signs of problems. It really helped my dog!

  3. megurq

    We use Thrive Green Lipped Muscle Powder at least 4 times a week! We adore this supplement and it is not only an excellent source of Chondroitin for joints but it has great Anti-Inflammatory properties as well which can relieve pain and discomfort. GLM is a great natural option for your pet, even the kitties like it!

  4. Amanda (verified owner)

    I give this to my older dog daily – it has really helped improve her mobility!

  5. Jocelynne

    My min pin has come across a mild case of arthritis as she ages. Before we were supplementing everything but we noticed that when the weather changes or just the odd time she starts to limp. After just one week on the green lipped mussels she started gaining her mobility back jumping on furniture again and no longer limping! I love that it’s natural and of course the dogs like anything fishy and anything sea food. She will enjoy this supplement probably for the rest of her life! We are so happy with this turnout and I’m even happier seeing her not in pain!

  6. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom (verified owner)

    A great supplement. It’s a step up from the Thrive Joint Support. My dog is getting up in years and I give him this supplement preventively to help with mobility issues.

  7. kmonty5 (verified owner)

    This supplement is the difference between enjoying being an active pup and sadly laying around watching the fun! Within three weeks of taking this – we had a brand new pain free dog. Excellent!

  8. Racheldavis

    Love this product! Its help my senior pup regain her life! After using this product she can enjoy going for a walk and not spending the next 2 days limping and favouring her hips. This product has made a great addition into my pups life!

  9. koake

    We use this in rotation with the Thrive Joint Support supplement to help keep ours dogs joints extra healthy!
    It has definitely helped make a difference in my young dog with hip dysplasia, and who has recently recovered from a TPLO.
    The GLM and Thrive Joint Support make the perfect pair! They relieve inflammation and pain as well as lubricate the joints.

  10. Alita26651

    I’ve only bought this once, but it’s a great supplement to use. I’ve heard green lipped mussels are excellent and very healthy for your dog (and you too). I don’t have access to the actual thing…… so, I bought the supplement here. I won’t lie, it STINKS and guarantee the very second you open the container, you will absolutely smell the fishy stench and it is horrible….. but, it’s a very useful and very healthy supplement for your pooch. So you just have to endure the smell!

  11. Caitlyn H.

    We own a German Shepherd female who is currently 70lbs and 2 years old. We use this supplement daily! With my parents large breed dogs I saw how quickly their joints can deteriorate. Plus our pup is extremely active which can lead to joint inflammation even in young dogs. We feed as a preventative measure in rotation with Thrive Joint Support.

  12. Glenda

    My vet recommended this product when one of my dogs had a leg injury. I add it everyday to all my dogs meals. Excellent supplement for joints!

  13. pimathesamoyed (verified owner)

    We do a lot of hiking, so I love this supplement as a preventative measure to protect my dogs joints! We also use it as a source for omegas! It’s just such an amazing supplement, I mix it with goat milk and freeze it in molds to give daily!

  14. Strikapoz

    Great supplement for growing puppies! We have a 4-month old Mastiff puppy and since she’s growing exponentially – we’re confident by adding green-lipped mussels that we’re giving her the best start in life!

  15. Alex Wolf

    After one of my cat had an accident that should’ve left her paralyzed, she is now up and running. I give her the green lipped mussels supplement everyday, and her joints are doing much better. She is more active, and loves the taste too.
    Highly recommended!

  16. Tamaraachan

    I give this to my GSD and cat on a daily basis, it’s a great way to help prevent joint pain. What I love the most is that it’s a natural remedy!

  17. meganbrowne

    Just started giving this to my pup and even though she’s not a senior, she’s had some joint issues so it was decided to try out a supplement. This joint supplements is great and there’s definitely shown a difference in her. Made with only the best Ingredients

  18. Caitlin Surman

    Has greatly helped my German Shepherd. At 2 she’s already has some arthritis in her hip and using this every day has helped her mobility.

  19. Nadine Lussier

    My dog is still young and still growing but as an americain sheaperd I cannot prevent him from jumping a lot and high. Therefore, I feel good to supplement his food with green mussel as I know it gives a little boost of anti inflammatory.

  20. AlexanneBoucher

    Wow!! Un produit qui fonctionne vraiment pour un chien de grande taille qui n’est plus jeune jeune!
    On voit une réelle différence sur les articulations avec se produit!

  21. Chelsea

    I was skeptical at first. How could something like this help a 13 year old dog with arthritis on top of him having weaker joints?
    I used to watch how my dog would struggle to get up after he slept, or something as simple as him not being able to easily get up stairs anymore. That’s normal for an older dog.

    I had this product and used it for two days when I watched him get up the step he used to struggle on with ease. I thought it was my imagination – how could it work that fast?
    I’ve been using it for about three weeks now and he can get up without a struggle. He tries to jump in and out of the car again. He trots around and even ‘runs’ as fast as his little legs can take him when he knows we’re going for a car ride.

    His mobility isn’t perfect. He’s old and I accept that. But I can’t believe how much this has helped him get around.

    He went from a dog who used to lay down while we went to the park to exploring on his own. He tries to chase squirrels again.

    So please, to anyone who has an older dog or a dog with arthritis. Give this a try. Your dog is worth trying everything for.

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