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Thrive Bladder Support Fusion – 135g

(10 customer reviews)

Thrive Bladder Support contains Organic Cranberry Extract and D-Mannose, along with 7 other herbs and nutrients to provide bladder and urinary tract support for both cats and dogs.

May help with repetitive urinary tract infection, bladder stone and crystals, incontinence and housetrain.

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Thrive Bladder Support Fusion – 135g (10 reviews )

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  1. Amanda (verified owner)

    This is a great product! Helps maintain a healthy urinary tract for dogs and cats. Our cat suffered from urinary Crystal and this helps to maintain a healthy urinary ph level

  2. Erin Campbell

    I have two male cats and knowing that males are prone to blockages this is a godsend of a product. The peace of mind its given me to be able to add this to their food to preemptively nip this problem in the butt is so wonderful. I highly recommend this product.

  3. André Lamarche

    Produits très efficace pour les pierres au rein et pour les infections urinaires. Je recommande fortement ce produit!!

  4. ava_klausgsd (verified owner)

    My dog had a bad spay and used to occasionally pee the bed at night. Since feeding this during each dinner meal, she’s never peed in her sleep. Wonderful product

  5. Nicia Montminy

    My cat, Rosie, who is stressed out by everything, does not eat raw. I decided to give this a try as she was peeing in my bed when a new situation stressed her out. Since giving her bladder support, she never peed again!

  6. Melaniegra etom

    My female pug has struvite stones in urine and recurring UTI’s. She would have a UTI consistently every month or every other month. I felt terrible seeing her so uncomfortable. After several expensive vet visits for urine tests, x-rays, etc and a recommendation to stick a needle directly into her bladder to extract urine for examination, we decided to give this a try. So far, it’s been over 3 months and my dog hasn’t had another UTI. It’s amazing! We give her one scoop every morning with her raw food, and we make sure to add additional water to her bowl. Love this product!

  7. Karissa

    This WORKS! My 2 year old Frenchie has got struvite crystals 3 different times in the past 6 months due to a high PH and vet wanted me to put him on a urinary food but he is a very picky eater and also had bad allergies. He had lots of struvite crystals and a PH of 8. I check his urine PH every morning to make sure it’s around 6.5-7 where the vet wants it. He has been in this supplement for 3 weeks and he just had his urine rechecked today and the PH is where they want it since I started using this on him and there are NO struvite crystals at all! The vet was very happy that he didn’t have a single crystal in his urine! I add this to his food every morning and make sure he drinks enough water every day and this product I will keep him on! Definitely recommend for struvite crystals or high PH. I have tried lots of other products for this but they didn’t acidify his urine enough or get rid of the crystals,. Glad I tried this product on my dog it’s AMAZING!

  8. Meagan Trembath

    My 13 year old sheltie is on this. She has spay incontinence. Had been on stilbesterol for it. No need for the hormone at all with this product. Love it.

  9. Jason D

    I have never believed in this type of treatment for pets (or people really)
    $1000 dollars later and zero answers from many vets, our very young cat was still having terrible bladder issues.
    I googled chronic cystitis and saw some of the herbal supplements people used, and then saw that this product had some of the same ingredients. (mannose, marshmallow, stinging nettle, etc.)
    Much to my joy, this supplement has fixed out cat – after months of peeing everywhere and being very uncomfortable.
    The only thing that added to my happiness with this product is when I also saw it was made in Canada.


  10. Terese Celi (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for a few years now.
    My shihpoo ended up with struvite cystals and stones and needed the surgery to remove what looked like a sand and gravel took over in her bladder. Not once did she have any signs of any UTIs before this discovery. Vet wanted her on their urinary diet and I said absolutely no way. I thoroughly looked into natural ways to support her urinary track and bladder. I came across this supplement and tried it and have not looked back once. It’s peace of mind that she continues to void properly and not have anymore issues. So far so good. I trust this product for her.
    thank-you from myself and BellaMia

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Nutrient Facts

Active Ingredients : Marshmallow, Horsetail, Parsley , Stinging Nettle, Cranberry, N-Acetyl-Alpha-D-Glucosamine , Mannose , Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium Chloride, MSM.
Inactive ingredients : Beef Liver Flavor, Maltodextrin , Silicon Dioxide , Tapioca Starch

Feeding Guide


10 lb – 1/2 tsp

20 lb – 1 tsp

40 lb – 2 tsp

60 lb – 3 tsp

80 lb – 4 tsp

100 lb – 5 tsp

Administer orally, once per day. Can be given at meal time with food.

Do not use in pregnant or lactating animals Do not use in animals receiving other drugs, unless directed by a veterinarian Do not use in animals with kidney disease. If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. Administer during or after the animal has eaten to reduce incidence of gastrointestinal upset. Store out of sunlight. Keep out of reach of children

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