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Thermal Cooler Bag – Large

(9 customer reviews)

Thermal Cooler Bag - Large


Thermal Cooler Bag – Large (9 reviews )

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  1. williamsbk21

    Seriously this is amazing. I always have an ugly cooler and worry about whether or not my order will fit in it so I put two coolers out and then I leave the coolers by the door and they get in the way until I finally move them right before the next order comes. This bag is HUGE can fit SO much (I believe 3 of the big Grab n gos!) and easily folds up for storage! I put it in my hall closet by the door so it slides right in and then I can take out as needed. I cannot wait for next delivery day to use this!

  2. french.rolls

    WOW! I was so impressed when I received this product! It is so well made and HUGE!!! Ollie actually had a blast jumping into it and getting out too so it makes as a great toy too haha! I’m actually tempted to buy a second one to use as toy storage for my boy because it’s such a great size and has a lid! This bag can fit up to 3 grab and go boxes which is the same size as 3 cardboard delivery boxes if you don’t get grab n go’s! Honestly get this product you won’t regret it, it will give you ease of mind on delivery days knowing your order won’t thaw out! Also it collapses really nicely for easy storage in the back of a coat closet by the door 😀

  3. Cassie L

    I am so happy BCR came out with these. Not only are they HUGE (I think it can store 3 large grab n gos) but they are well made. Whenever we go away in the summer we are trying to play jenga with coolers to fit all of our Great Dan’es food it. Now – one cooler for everything (human and dog). The best part is, it’s not bulky and folds up nicely for storage,

  4. Mylene

    On adore notre sac de congélation! C’est super pratique pour nos journées de camping ou nos excursions aux États-Unis. On apporte plusieurs jours de nourriture et on cherchait toujours comment transporter facilement les repas des chiens!

  5. lovelauren (verified owner)

    its big!!!! and great for travelling!! love ours!!!

  6. Steph Ferguson

    Let me just start off by saying.. wow! This cooler is A LOT bigger than I anticipated! When I opened it, it never seemed to end (and that’s a good thing, haha!). My family and I purchase an incredibly large amount of raw food every month, and with the warm season approaching.. This cooler will surely go a long way. I have high suspicions that I will need to order another, or two..!

  7. Rachelstocco (verified owner)

    I was very surprised on the size of cooler bag. Works great for travelling.

  8. ava_klausgsd

    These are huge!

    They fit 3 GNG boxes. We leave it out for our home deliveries and it keeps food cold for up to 6 hours

  9. Dylace

    This bag is amazing , it has come in helpful many times from getting deliveries or picking up at the store.

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