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Super Food Blend – 350g

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A rich nutritious blend of nature’s best organic fruits and vegetables for optimal health. Add some powerful foods to your dog’s next meal.

Super Food Blend is the perfect solution for the busy pet parent. Add a generous tbsp to every 1/4 lb of raw you serve up for maximum benefit. With broccoli (nature’s BEST super food), fibrous green beans and zucchini and then blended with leafy greens and finished with a serving of blueberries, there is a lot of goodness in this blend. Add regularly to your dog’s dish!
  • Ontario Grown Vegetables
  • Organically Sourced Kale, Spinach, and Blueberries
  • 100% Green Super Food Loaded with Anxioxidants
  • Low in Fat
  • High in Fibre
  • Excellent for Dogs with Yeast Related Allergies
  • Good for puppies to adult dogs

SKU: 627818000291

NOTE:  The product volume (500 ml)  of this item did not change.  Previously marketed Superfood sold in plastic round containers did not contain 454 grams and was always 350 grams.  

Broccoli, Zucchini, Green Beans, Organic Spinach, Organic Kale, Organic Blueberries, Organic Cranberries

Superfood Blend
Nutrition Facts
per 100 grams
Calories 32
Moisture % 68
Fat % 0
Protein % 2
Fibre % 3
Vitamins & Minerals
Calcium mg 60
Iron mg 1.3
Magnesium mg 31
Phosphorus mg 36.2
Potassium mg 295
Sodium mg 27.6
Zinc mg 0.29
Copper mg 0.1
Manganese mg 0.412
Selenium ug 0.54
Thiamin mg 0.07
Riboflavin mg 0.1332
Niacin mg 0.672
Beta_Carot mg 58
Folate ug 98.75
Vitamin B12 ug 57.8
Vitamin A_UI IU 5044
Vitamin A_RAE IU 250
Vitamin E mg 0.42
Vitamin K mg 260
Vitamin C mg 36.7
Additional Product Info:
Muscle Meat % 0
Organ Meat % 0
Bone Content % 0
Fruit and Vegetable % 100

Supplemental feeding choice – can be added to pet’s diet to increase fibre, taste and texture
Recommended to not exceed 10% of entire meal to maintain nutritional ratios in BCR Menu
Appropriately sized for any size dog

24 reviews for Super Food Blend – 350g

  1. megurq

    A delicious addition to any meal. Scoop on the side of any protein or freeze in BCR Paw Molds to keep fresh for longer and have pre-portioned! A great option for those wanting to help their pup feel full for longer without adding a lot of additional calories.

  2. williamsbk21 (verified owner)

    I only feed the blends and pures so I always keep the super food blend on hand to add some fruits and veggies. This is also perfect to freeze in the paw molds and throw on top of my guys food, or use as a treat.

  3. Jana Young (verified owner)

    My dog only eats the pures so I make frozen molds of the super food blend and add to his meal so hes getting his vitamins and fruits. He absolutely loves it.

  4. Kenz Brant

    I don’t know what you guys do to these things, but my super picky eater (who hates anything green) will eat this all day if I let her I usually freeze it in our molds and have been able to use them as a treat!

  5. Ashley

    It is great addition to my dogs pure meal, gives them a delicious meal!

  6. Brittney Lamb

    Love this side dish ! This was the first one I tried with Tue, I noticed she was eating a lot of grass, barking to get out just to scavenge.

    That’s when I made the decision to switch from kibble to raw, I knew she wasn’t getting what she needed.

    After I got her onto the meat I started introducing other side dishes and meats to her, ever since I’ve been giving her the superfood blend, no more eating grass outside!

    I am so pleased with BCR, not just this product but all their products.

    In my honest opinion best raw company there is out there!!

  7. Barbie Wallace

    Prada loves here pures and blends, this is when she gets her superfood. I feel confident with the mixture that she is getting all she needs for her vegtables. I am also stocked up on this and love that I can thaw, portion and refreeze!!

  8. Hunt00

    I love to make molds with the super food blend. It’s super easy to add to the pure meats, and this reassures me that they are getting a little extra vitamins in their meals. All 4 dogs love when I add the super food blend to their food.

  9. meghaanlee

    This is great to mix with goats milk and freeze in the BCR moulds! Adds an extra boost of minerals and vitamins to help keep your dog in excellent health!

  10. Melissa

    My furrbabies absolutely love this. If they had their way they would eat only this haha. I freeze it in the small mold and it to their dinners.

  11. Glenda

    My dogs love this blend. Adds fibre to their meals. I freeze in ice cube trays and give them one cube daily!

  12. Adrien Cross

    Tasty treat especially for those who don’t feed Dinners! Super easy to portion and serve.

  13. UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue (verified owner)

    A favorite in my house, Pierre & Bibi simply adore their greens.

  14. Krystal

    We love this blend! We portion out into a molds and freeze!

  15. Kristi McLeod Smeets

    My female boxer only eats blends and pures, having this on hand is a great way to add those additional nutrients to her meal.

  16. Angie Boothman

    Super Food is a great addition to my dogs meals. We love adding it to their pure or blend meals. We freeze it into molds for a quick add or as a cool treat. Lots of nutrients and the dogs cant get enough of it.

  17. Catherine Poissant

    Mes chiens ne réagissent pas très bien au fruits et légumes alors je n’achètent que des Purs ou des Mélanges, j’ajoute un peu de ce mélange d’aliments vert à part, comme ça il m’est facile de contrôler la quantité et ça leur permet de quand même profiter des nutriments des ces aliments.

  18. AudreyandLaika

    Parfait pour un rajout quand on veux PIMPER notre gamelle

  19. Beardes8818 (verified owner)

    This is perfect for when we decide to use the pure protein, its great to know and see how much we are adding as sometimes my toy poodle requires less:)

  20. tricolourtrails

    This is the perfect blend of actual “superfoods” and in the perfect size for my 40lbs Australian Shepherd! Easily made with coconut oil or goat’s milk in the BCR molds for some cute frozen bites!

  21. sonjers

    This our go to! Our pup only eats pure meats so this is a great addition. He has quite a bit of intolerances and can have all of the ingredients in this blend. He absolutely loves it and gets to lick the leftovers after they have been portioned off in the molds!

  22. meganbrowne

    I like to use this to add some extra nutrients to my pups food. It’s great to add into molds and freeze with other bcr items.

  23. Homer

    By far our favourite side dish that we use in our moods the puppy always eats this first

  24. Laelen (verified owner)

    Freya is a notoriously picky eater – she would rather starve herself to the point of vomiting instead of eating something she doesn’t like. The superfood blend is always a hit with her, paired with any one of the dinners. She may very well refuse the Fruit and Vegetable blend, but she loves this one and eats it every time.

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