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Pure Rabbit Carton – 4 lb

(17 customer reviews)

Rabbit is the go-to choice for allergy suffers. Start seeing allergy symptoms disappear, and watch your dog or cat love their food again!  Cats and dogs love the taste of meaty rabbit.

  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Fresh Canadian Cage-Free Rabbits
  • Perfect Choice for pets with allergies

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Product Code: PR4C

INGREDIENTS Pure Rabbit: Rabbit, ground rabbit bone, rabbit organ meat INGRÈDIENTS: Lapin, os de lapin broyé et organe de lapin.

Pure Rabbit Carton – 4 lb (17 reviews )

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  1. megurq

    We LOVE Pure Rabbit! It’s such a lean option, one of the lowest fat content proteins available. As someone who needs to watch my dogs weight, we are THRILLED to have Rabbit as an option! Not only is it lean, but the dog and cat insist it’s just delicious!!

  2. Jenny

    My dog loves Pure Rabbit. This is what we started with when we switched to raw. It is a lean protein and a great alternative to any poultry allergies.

  3. williamsbk21

    My dog loves rabbit and I love that it is a lean protein. I like to rotate it in from time to time to add extra variety in his meals.

  4. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom (verified owner)

    A protein that dogs and cats aren’t allergic to because it’s not usually in their diets. It’s a real treat for my dog when he gets a meal with Rabbit.

  5. Jocelynne

    Love the quality of this product! My dog starting gaining a little weight and with the rabbit being added to her diet she is back to her regular weight! It is a great low fat option! Love the quality and packaging of BCR

  6. RLajman (verified owner)

    We love that rabbit is an available option, especially since we are trying to figure out allergies. Our pup loves the rabbit!

  7. Meghan Funk

    My cats absolutely love Rabbit. I love that it’s a lean protein for my active cats.

  8. Barbie Wallace

    Prada did beautifully with the rabbit as an easy transitioning meal to raw. When combined with her herring oil, her kelp and superfood I feel she is getting what she needs nutritionally!

  9. Jennifer

    My girl loves when I add a ‘bunny cube’ to her lunch – freeze it in an ice cube tray as a way to mix another protein in.

  10. Alita26651

    Finding rabbit to feed can be pretty hard so it’s fantastic that this is available! I’ve bought this a few times and my dog absolutely LOVES it!

  11. Katherine R

    My dog and cat both enjoy the pure Rabbit formula, I can’t get the plate down fast enough!

  12. cathoff93

    My pup was putting on a few pounds and needed some leaner meats. Rabbit is a great lean meat and she loves it!

  13. Catherine Poissant

    C’est avec ça que j’ai réussis la transition au cru avec mon chat. Il aime tellement le lapin, j’ai due en mélanger avec toutes les nouvelles protéines que j’essayait. Mais maintenant il mange presque de tout!

  14. Thelittledogcrew

    one of the new proteins we introduced for my little one who has allergies! she adores!

  15. F-anny01

    Omg ! Le lapin est une protéine très apprécié ici ! Les chiens viennent complètement fou à le sentir.

  16. feetpeet

    It is a great protein to rotate with my dog’s allergies. It is a little bit different than other proteins in terms of texture but once my dog actually tried it the rabbit is a hit!

  17. melaniepaquette

    My dog loves Pure Rabbit! And I love it because it has only one ingredient. It is important because she has food allergies and she must eat meal with a unique protein right now until we figure to which ones she is allergic to.

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Pure Rabbit Main Nutrient

Analysis shown per 100g as fed

  • Calories
  • 153 kcal
  • Protein/ Protéine
  • 16.8%
  • Fat/ Lipides
  • 9.1%
  • Carbs/ Glucides
  • 0.9%
  • Fiber/ Fibre
  • 0.0%
  • Moisture/ Humidité
  • 69.5%
  • Calcium
  • 0.5%
  • Phosphorus/ Phosphore
  • 0.7%

Recommended Supplements

We recommend adding one of the following Thrive oils for omega-3s and fortify supplement:

Thrive Herring Oil - 1LThrive Salmon Oil - 500mlThrive Hemp Seed Oil - 500 mLThrive Gold Line Fortify - 150g
try our bestselling herring oil

Disclaimer: Big Country Raw® follows the Minimal Requirement (Amount/1000kcal for Growing Puppies After Weaning & Adults Dogs) suggested by The Nutrient Requirement for Dogs and Cats by the National Research Council (NRC). We suggest adding Thrive® Fortify and Thrive® Herring Oil to meet the NRC Recommended Allowances with Blends and Pures formulas.

Feeding Guide

Add Thrive® Fortify as per label to meet the National Research Council (NRC) Nutrient Requirement for Dogs and Cats.   Thrive® Fortify is a blend of essential minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, various greens and digestive enzymes and is formulated specifically to augment Big Country Raw® Pure Formula and Signature Blend recipes.

Alternatively, Thrive® Sea Kelp or Thrive® Trimineral Boost (blend of Kelp, Barley Grass and Spirulina) can be used when feeding a rotational meal plan including 3 or more proteins.

Add Thrive® Herring Oil (the popular choice) or alternatively Thrive® Hemp Seed Oil (plant-based option) for Omega-3 Fatty Acids.   Omega-3 Fatty Acids may improve the shine and luster of the coat, reduce inflammation and aid in the absorption and distribution of essential nutrients.


  • Keep food frozen and thaw in refrigerator until ready to use.
  • Raw food must be used within 3 days after thawing
  • Return unused food back to the refrigerator after serving.
  • Serve in stainless steel or ceramic dishes.
  • Wash all work surfaces, utensils, serving spoons and hands with hot water & soap after handling raw meat & poultry.
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