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Frozen Treat Mold – Fish, Paw & Bone Shape – Large ORANGE

(18 customer reviews)

Looking for a great way to add a healthy nutritious treat to your dog or cats daily dish? Use to make frozen treats, cookies, or just portion your pet’s meals into fun shapes! Each silicone mat 10″ x 12″ x 1″ inch.   This is designed for medium to XL breeds.

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Frozen Treat Mold – Fish, Paw & Bone Shape – Large ORANGE (18 reviews )

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  1. williamsbk21 (verified owner)

    I LOVE these new bigger molds! I have a bigger dog so they’re fantastic to portion some side dishes, or goats milk but also I filled them with some food, which makes them perfect to pre portion meals for smaller dogs or cats.
    The fish mold holds approx 1.5oz
    The paw mold holds approx 1.25oz
    The bone mold holds approx 1.10oz
    This depends on how full you fill them so can vary but gives you a good idea of size.
    I had so much fun filling these molds and throwing them in the freezer for an easy addition to meal time or just a fun frozen treat.

  2. megurq

    So happy with our new molds! They are so quality made, not too thin and they won’t rip. The shapes are so adorable and have nice little “lips” inside to create noticeable shapes – really beautiful! We use these for all the side dishes, most of our supplements, goats milk, and to freeze anything before it goes bad. So happy with my molds, off to order another now!

  3. Maxi’s Hooman (verified owner)

    This is a great mold indeed, but there’s one big design flaw that makes it not very user-friendly. The material is very soft which is great, but the surface (flat) part is also soft which makes it not very user-friendly for liquid UNLESS you are completely fine with finding a perfect-size cutting board or tray to use with it. BCR please come out with version 2.0 and make the mold surface a different material so not only we get the benefit of easily popping out the frozen treats, but the practicality while using.

  4. Barbie Wallace

    Love love love these molds! Its so addictive to make special treats by adding colors from blueberries or just recipes of things I know she will eat. Can’t wait to use this summer for some cool treats! The shapes are pretty cool!

  5. RJ Taylor

    I absolutely LOVE this treat mold!
    I like having half goats milk and half whatever side dish I have.

  6. LeoHunter (verified owner)

    Love, love, love this mold, the size is perfect for my 2 medium sized dogs and for making some cool recipes that the brand reps recommend. It is durable, but a little flimsy so make sure you put it on a large platter or cookie sheet before pouring into it, but the frozen treats pop out so easily. The shapes are so fun, I highly recommend!!

  7. Rachael Meagher

    Great for frozen treat making. My daughter is totally obsessed with making (and giving) these. Fruit and veg mix is there favourite.

  8. pimathesamoyed

    LOVE these bigger molds. I mix goat milk with supplements like green lipped mussels and add these daily to her meals! It’s a quality silicone mold that’s easy to wash and the treats pop out easily!

  9. Alex Wolf

    Absolutely love these! They are great to make frozen treats in the summer, or to mix supplements. Love the cute shapes, and the cats love their frozen treats.
    Highly recommended!

  10. petitepeet (verified owner)

    These larger moulds are PERFECT ! They fit exactly the small bottle of goats milk, a side dish or a 1lbs pack of raw food. I use these daily for beef organ blend, tripe and pure salmon. It also goes in the dishwasher which is really nice. Once frozen, the moulds are very easy to remove. I already have three of them and will be getting at least two more for big batches!

  11. @bigbartok

    J’aime, non j’adore ce moule, la taille est parfaite pour mes 2 chiens de grande taille ! je fais plein de recettes avec du lait de crève et des suppléments. Il est durable, va au lave-vaisselle et pour congeler assurez-vous de le mettre sur un plateau ou une plaque à biscuits. Les friandises glacées se démoulent ensuite si facilement. Les formes sont amusantes, je recommande vivement !!

  12. ErikaD

    Love love love these large molds! Perfect size for those with large dogs and they wash so easily because the quality is amazing!

  13. KrystenKT

    These molds are my favorite, I was so excited when BCR announced the larger version as I have a Large Breed and the smaller molds were treat-sized. It’s so much fun to get creative in the kitchen with these molds and the goat milk / side dishes that BCR offers – the combinations are endless!

  14. Nicia Montminy (verified owner)

    I had bought 2 molds in my first BCR order but decided I had to go back in store to get one more. I love these molds! They are perfect for my cat’s meal preps, her 36g per meal fits perfectly in the molds and I can even fit my 5 proteins for the week inside. They are the perfect way to make portions for my cat, I love them!!

  15. Ani-Claude

    J’adore ce moule. Les tailles sont parfaite pour tous les suppléments. Il est facile à utiliser, facile à démouler. Je l’adore.

  16. thecass

    This may be one of our fave products that BCR has ever released. Not only are they cute, but they are the perfect size. Our danes supplement requirement is quote big, so we hate just plopping powders on his meals. I make so many different molds that we keep in ziplock bags in the freezer. So convenient. GLM & kelp molds with coconut oil, goat milk, beef & pork organ blend, pure salmon, pure tripe.. the list goes on.

  17. Marjolaine Despars

    Le format parfait pour congeler une journée de viande pour mon mini. J’adore ! En plus, ils se demoulent tellement bien !

  18. ChristinaN (verified owner)

    The BEST thing I’ve ever purchased along side the West Paw Toppl. Ginger LOVES getting her paw paw treats lol. I freeze the green tripe layered with plain yogurt sometimes. So many options to create! I’m going to Oder the new frozen goat yogurt to layer with tripe now!
    I love this!! Thank you for having such incredible products that have given Ginger fun chews & treats as well as much improved digestion from adding new fresh frozen fun options!

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Nutrient Facts

100% Food Grade Large Silicone Treat Mold.

Features: Fish Shape, Dog Paws & Bones

Temperature Range – 40C to 230 oC

BPA Free & Eco-Friendly

Feeding Guide

Suggested Uses:

Portion product into individual molds.  Freeze for 12 hrs.  Once frozen remove from freeze,pop out molds and store frozen treats in a sealed bag or container.

Add frozen treat to your dog or cats daily meals or as a treat.  A great way to add a side-dish to every meal.

Try it with:

  • Raw Fermented Goats Milk
  • Fruit and Vegetable Puree
  • Pumpkin Puree
  • Beef Organ Blend
  • Beef Tripe
  • Pure Salmon
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