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Dehydrated Rabbit Feet – 114 grams

(6 customer reviews)

HeroDogTreats™ Rabbit Feet are a Great Treat for Any Size Dog. These Furry Treats are Great for Allergic Pets, and are a High in Protein.

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Dehydrated Rabbit Feet

6 reviews for Dehydrated Rabbit Feet – 114 grams

  1. megurq

    These always sneak their way into our orders! My dog carried his first one around for a while and once he realized he could eat it, the rest was history! These are such an affordable treat and the fur is excellent for cleaning out the digestive tract! Don’t be hesitant at all about these Rabbit feet, they are 100% natural and we are so happy we tried them! 10/10!

  2. williamsbk21 (verified owner)

    Not going to lie this one creeped me out a bit but my dog LOVES rabbit and fur is so good for their digestion that I gave in and my dog absolutely loves them. He would eat the entire bag in one sitting if I let him. These are definitely going to be on our standard rotation now. They are great for crunch, sometimes I add them onto a meal, sometimes I use them as a treat.

  3. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom (verified owner)

    Perfect for pets with allergies. My dog loves the crunch plus it’s awesome for extra fibre, cleaning his teeth and aids in digestion.

  4. shan

    This is one of those treats that gets everyone in the room all up in arms when you pull out the bag but my pup absolutely loves them! I try to limit him to eating too many because, like others have said, he would devour an entire bag if I let him 😀 One thing I like about the rabbit feet is that, unlike other treats, they don’t have a horrible odor to them. One of the favorites around our house and will be a regular purchase!

  5. Barbie Wallace

    These rabbit ears are Pradas favorite treat at all, being a Crested their teeth are not the greatest and these sure make here chew, totally awesome treat! The fibre is also helpful to her stool. ❤

  6. LeoHunter (verified owner)

    My guy absolutely loves the Hero rabbit feet, he hears the bag and comes running. They are a great treat that doesn’t leave a mess and has so many benefits, high protein, good for their teeth and I had someone once referred to them as a q-tip for the colon, lol, I highly recommend!

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