Beef Patella Bone- 2 lb

Recreational Chewing Bone

A technical chewing bone, for a long lasting chew this is a go-to choice.

An excellent chew bone, also great for making a rich meaty flavoured bone broth.  Excellent choice for your medium to large dog.

  • Ontario Sourced Beef
  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Recreation Chewing Bone
  • Great for cleaning plaque and tartar on teeth
  • Excellent physical and mental exercise for your dog
  • Portion Sized for medium to large breeds


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Nutrient Analysis Valeur Nutritive Per 100g as fed/par 100g tel que servi
Calories (kcal) 240.6
Crude protein (g) 15.9
Crude fat (g) 19
Carbohydrate (g) 1.5
Moisture (g) 55.2
Calcium (g) 3.2
Phosphorus (g) 1.59
INGREDIENTS: Beef Patella Bone
INGRÈDIENTS: Rotule de Bœuf
Beef Patella Bone

Disclaimer: Big Country Raw® follows the Minimal Requirement (Amount/1000kcal for Growing Puppies After Weaning & Adults Dogs) suggested by The Nutrient Requirement for Dogs and Cats by the National Research Council (NRC). For the nutrients P, Na, K, I, Co, Mn, and Vit A, E & B group (no minimum requirement provided) recipes match the NRC Recommended Allowance. For Omega-3 Fatty acids (ALA, EPA, DHA), and Vit D we strongly suggest adding fish or Thrive® Herring Oil to meet the NRC Recommended Allowances.


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