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Beef Neck Bone 4-6″ – 1 lb

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Recreational Chewing Bone

A technical chewing bone, beef necks are low in fat with a good amount of meat & sinews. For a long lasting chew this is a go-to choice.

Exceptionally lean and meaty raw bone.  Excellent choice for your medium to large dog.

  • Ontario Sourced Beef
  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Recreation Chewing Bone
  • Great for cleaning plaque and tartar on teeth
  • Excellent physical and mental exercise for your dog
  • Portion Sized for medium to large breeds

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Beef Neck Bone

Protein – Min 18%
Fat – Min 6%
Fibre – Max 2%
Moisture – Max 74%

Always supervise your pet when consuming raw meaty bones.  Beef Neck Bones contain muscle meat, fat and bone.  A meaty raw treat that is a big favourite for all dogs, this is a ripping, chewing and tearing bone that requires lots of work!  Chewing raw bones is great exercise for your dog.  Feed frozen to extend the length of chew and to prevent gulping.

2 reviews for Beef Neck Bone 4-6″ – 1 lb

  1. Jenna

    My huskies absolutely love these! Not only are they an extremely cost effective treat, they also provide them will mental stimulation & great dental hygiene! Would recommend to dogs of all sizes, as the bags all vary in size! The huskies approve!

  2. Shona (verified owner)

    My large breed mutt loves these bones. He will work at them for a long time. Keeps his teeth one shape and keeps him mentally stimulated. We always feed frozen.

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