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  • Thrive Herring Oil 1L

    100% Pure Atlantic Herring Oil
    Rich Source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

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  • Thrive Herring Oil – 500 ml

    100% Pure Atlantic Herring Oil is a rich Source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

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  • Raw Goat Milk – 1 Litre

    A Probiotic Powerhouse!

    Raw fermented goats milk is an excellent supplement for dogs & cats of all ages. Recommended as an excellent way to successfully restore good digestive gut bacteria when making the switch from dry food to raw. Also beneficial for improved digestion, liver disorders and improved immune system response.

    Also highly recommended for breeders! An excellent way to wean puppies from mother’s milk to raw food.

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    Hemp Oil Tincture 100mg – 30ml

    An excellent supplement for dogs & cats with anxiety and pain.

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  • Thrive Pumpkin Powder – 225g

    100% Natural Dried Pumpkin Powder

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  • Thrive Silver Shield – 250 ml

    Silver Shield is very small particles of silver mineral colloids suspended (not dissolved) in distilled water.  Every spray dispenses thousands of nanosilver particles to combat over 650 viral and bacterial organisms. 

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  • Thrive Sea Kelp – 350g

    Certified 100% Organic and OMRI Listed® Thrive Sea Kelp is is packed full of vital minerals, amino acids and vitamins that will boost your pet’s health!

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  • Bone Broth

    Bone broth is an excellent natural, multivitamin supplement for your dog or cat – it is easy to digest and is soothing to the gut.

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  • Thrive Trimineral Boost – 250g

    Whole food, all natural supplement for improved health and immune system function in dogs and cats. Contains Kelp, Alfalfa and Spirulina.

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  • Thrive Gentian Ear Wash – 250 ml

    Anti-fungal ear treatment and cleanser

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  • Thrive Green Lipped Mussels – 160g

    Green Lipped Mussels are sourced from New Zealand and an excellent all natural joint support supplement.

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  • Thrive Joint Support – 300g

    Mineral Supplement for Joint Health

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