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    Big Country Raw Recipe Book

    We’ve compiled our favourite frozen treat mold recipes, and we can’t wait to share them with you. With over 30 recipes, ranging from 1-layer beginner molds, to 5-layer popsicles, pet owners will have fun recreating these recipes using Big Country Raw and affiliate products.

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    BCR Starter Kit

    This awesome starter kit has many of the great things to get your pet started on a raw diet.

  • Beef Patella Bone- 2 lb

    Recreational Chewing Bone

    Beef Patellas are a delicious and entertaining technical chewing bone, perfect for the active chewer. They are also excellent for cleaning teeth. A rich source of cartilage and connective tissues they are also ideal for making great bone broth recipes.

  • Salmon Fillets- 1 lb

    Salmon fillets a rich source of Omega3 Fatty Acid which supports a healthy skin and coat for your pet. A delicious and nutritious protein that all pets love. These small cut salmon fillets with skin-on are perfect treat or add-on to any meal. Great for dogs and cats!

  • Fare Game – Duck and Quail with Lamb – 2 lb

    A blend of Ontario duck and quail meat and bone, with lamb organ meats, barley grass, and wheatgrass.

    Recipe Ratio:

    • 75% Muscle Meat
    • 15% Organ Meat
    • 10% Ground Bone
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    Big Country Raw Defrosting Tray

    The Big Country Raw defrost tray allows you to thaw raw frozen food up to 10x faster than at room temperature!