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Dinde, saumon et agneau - boîte de 4 lb

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Un mélange équilibré de dinde élevée en Ontario pour des acides aminés essentiels à la santé, de saumon riche en omega-3 pour un pelage soyeux et de foie d'agneau pour les nutriments essentiels.

  • Sans hormones et sans antibiotiques
  • Dindes élevées en liberté
  • Pour chiens et chats

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Code de produit: TSL4C

INGREDIENTS Turkey Salmon Lamb: Turkey (meat and bone), salmon, lamb liver, lamb spleen, lamb kidney. INGRÉDIENTS: Dinde (viande et os), saumon, foie d’agneau, rate d’agneau et rein d’agneau. 


Dinde, saumon et agneau - boîte de 4 lb (30 reviews )

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  1. vmckenzie

    We love this blend as our pups gets a taste of lamb, but having it mixed with turkey keeps the fat content down! Salmon give themes the healthy omegas, which they love.

  2. vmckenzie

    We love this blend as our pups gets a taste of lamb, but having it mixed with turkey keeps the fat content down! Salmon give them the healthy omegas, which is great for their skin. A great way to get 3 proteins in 1 mix!. I thought this premix would have a smell, but to our surprise it did not.

  3. williamsbk21

    This is my dogs favourite blend and is a great one as you get 3 proteins in one blend, giving your pet great variety in one serving.

  4. Debra.Steele

    This blend is particularly good for dogs who have sensitivities to chicken. My big boxer is a tad sensitive to chicken and this blend gives him a great alternative. He loves all of the proteins individually but together they are for him a real feast. So healthy and so balanced.

  5. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom

    A favourite! This blend has three great proteins all in one. No fruits, veggies or chicken which is great for allergy prone pets.

  6. Tracey Kelly

    This has to be the all time favourite protein in our house. I love that it has a nice mixture of 3 proteins.

  7. Victoria gray (client confirmé)

    We feed this to our 2 cats and dog. They all love it and clean their bowls.

  8. Melissa Goncalves

    Love this blend! I really like how there are 3 types of proteins, one of them being fish. Sometimes my dog can be picky with fish so this is great!

  9. Ashley R

    This is my dogs go to food! They absolutely LOVE it! I love how they can get a variety of proteins in one meal.

  10. Jocelyn Simich (client confirmé)

    Our pup loves this blend. The salmon smell is very prominent – so if you have a sensitive stomach when feeding raw, beware! Always good to mix in different meats and this is a fantastic way to do that.

  11. Terra Mueller

    This is literally my dog’s favourite! It never gets old and gobbles it up right away! I hope she can still have it after the elimination diet or we will have to find a new fav!

  12. Sandra Hcm

    This mix is by far our Cavaliers favourite! When given a choice between all of the ones we have tried, she picks this every time. She does not like chicken so it is a relief to find a product that uses turkey in place of it. The salmon and lamb provide a nice protein mix without having to think too hard about your dogs diet. Nutella refused to eat kibble and was not thriving due to her lack of appetite for every kibble on the market. This was the mix that made us switch and she has thrived ever since!

  13. Kim thacker

    Love this blend such good proteins my dogs definitely have this as one of their favourite. Although I find all BCR amazing products you can’t go wrong.

  14. jcarrieann@gmail.com

    I love this blend as this is my picky eater cats favorite food ever. I love that you get 3 proteins in 1.

  15. Emily

    This is one of my dog’s favourite meals! The fact that she is getting three different proteins from the one blend is amazing.

  16. Caitlyn H.

    Fish is so essential to dogs and my dog hates fish!! This is literally the ONLY fish she will eat! I am assuming the blend of turkey and lamb mellows down the fish flavour and makes it enjoyable for her which is fantastic! This is definitely a staple I like to keep in my freezer each month!

  17. Katherine R

    My cat loves this blend, there never is any leftovers when I feed her because she loves it!

  18. Melissa

    Another favourite in our house. My dogs gobble this right up. I question whether or not they breathe while eating this lol

  19. Adrien Cross

    Excellent blend of proteins! The addition of salmon makes for a perfect rotation — my dogs coat is very shiny as a result.

  20. UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue (client confirmé)

    Another of my dogs favorite BCR product..

  21. @bigbartok (client confirmé)

    Ce mélange est note préféré en format économique de 4 ou de 6 lb. Nous nourrissons un grand chiens de 100 lb, c’est pratique! Nous aimons la façon dont ils s’empilent dans le réfrigérateur et le congélateur. Ce mélange de 3 protéines est sans contredit notre préféré !

  22. Nicia Montminy

    This is my absolute favorite 4lb to feed my cat with. It is an easy yet not costly alternative when it comes to feeding my rotation of 5 proteins. The 4 pouches (each of 1 lb) make it easy to meal prep my cat’s food and she loves the taste of the TSL mix as well. A win-win in our household!

  23. Melissa Lamarche

    My girls favourite “blend” even my picky husky who won’t eat Salmon devours this because of the lamb in the blend! It’s always been a big hit!

  24. Nadine Lussier

    One of my Nomade’s favorite. I do share his point of view (or should I say taste?). Offering Turkey Lamb Salmon blend is an effective way to achieve the goal of giving five different proteins in a month.

  25. Ashton Corcoran

    My puppy loved this! However I couldn’t get my picky eater to eat this one. Great product but not the best for picky eaters!

  26. Amber

    I have been feeding my cat this for about 2 years she is always having urinary problems ? Maybe I need to change something? What supplements should I be adding to her food? Should I try A different kind?

    • Geraldine Brouwer

      We typically recommend our Thrive Bladder Support as a go-to supplement for pets with urinary health concerns. We would suggest avoiding salmon for pets prone to bladder stones or crystals. We would suggest our Fare Game products as they are specifically formulated for felines.

  27. Nazanin Najafizadeh (client confirmé)

    This one is my cat’s favorite. He doesn’t like Pures

  28. Nazanin Najafizadeh (client confirmé)

    This is my cat’s favorite

  29. tarobaby

    It took my kitten a while to start enjoying this blend, however I do have to add a bit of a topper in order for her to eat it. Not sure if she is not as much a fan of the turkey protein or the texture. For the Fare Game meals and Pure Duck, she eats them really quickly whereas this one sometimes takes a bit of coaxing. Nothing wrong with the blend, just that perhaps my kitty didn’t enjoy it as much as the other proteins.

  30. C.Bartels (client confirmé)

    I was looking for a way to incorporate more fish for my Cavalier who is picky about her fish options! She also has a chicken sensitivity, so this has been an amazing blend for us. She loves it!

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Nutriments principaux du Dinde, saumon et agneau

Analyse par 100g tel que servie

  • Calories(min)
  • 175 kcal
  • Protein/Protéine(min)
  • 21%
  • Fat/Lipides(min)
  • 10%
  • Carbs/Glucides(max)
  • 0.3%
  • Fiber/Fibre(max)
  • 0.0%
  • Moisture/Humidité(max)
  • 66.0%
  • Calcium(min)
  • 0.70%
  • Phosphorus/Phosphore(min)
  • 0.55%

Suppléments recommandés

Nous vous recommandons d'ajouter l'une des huiles Thrive suivantes pour les oméga-3 et le supplément Fortify :

Thrive Fortify Fusion - 150g
try our bestselling herring oil

Analyse du Dinde, saumon et agneau par 100g tel que servi

Potassium (g) 0.35
Sodium (g) 0.23
Magnesium (mg) 24.9
Iron  (mg) 4.0
Iodine (mcg) <0.1
Copper (mg) 0.87
Manganese (mg) 0.04
Selenium (mcg) 36.2
Zinc (mg) 3.5
Vitamin A (IU) 2777.3
Thiamine (mg) 0.10
Riboflavin (mg) 0.62
Pantothenic Acid(mg) 1.4
Niacin (mg) 7.2
Pyridoxine (mg) 0.44
Cobalamine (mcg) 13.3
Folic Acid (mcg) 35.3
Vitamin D (mcg) 1.5
Vitamin E (mg) 0.51
Linoleic Acid (g) 2.3
Alpha-linolenic Acid(g) 0.11
Eicosapentaenoic Acid(g) 0.22
Docosahexaenoic Acid (g) 0.23
Arachidonic Acid(g) 0.06
Oleic Acid (g) 4.6
Arginine (g) 0.84
Methionine+ Cystine(g) 1.6
Histidine (g) 0.28
Isoleucine (g) 0.40
Leucine (g) 0.93
Lysine (g) 0.89
Phenylalanine+ Tyrosine(g) 1.0
Taurine (g) 0.10
Threonine (g) 0.49
Valine (g) 0.53

Avis de non-responsabilité : Big Country Raw® suit les exigences minimales (quantité/1000 kcal pour les chiots en croissance après le sevrage et les chiens adultes) suggérées par le guide Recommandations nutritionnelles pour les chiens et les chats du Conseil national de recherches (NRC). Nous suggérons d'ajouter de l'huile de hareng Thrive® ainsi que Fortify de Thrive® pour atteindre ces minimums recommandées par le NRC pour les formules Mélanges et Pures.

Guide d'alimentation

Ajouter Fortify de Thrive® conformément à l'étiquette pour répondre aux exigences nutritionnelles du Conseil national de recherches (NRC) pour les chiens et les chats. Thrive® Fortify est un mélange de minéraux essentiels, de vitamines, de bons lipides, de divers légumes verts et d'enzymes digestives et est formulé spécifiquement pour compléter les recettes de Formule Pure et de Mélange Signature de Big Country Raw®.

Ajouter Huile de Hareng Thrive® (le choix populaire) ou alterner avec Huile de graines de chanvre Thrive® (option végétale) pour les acides gras oméga-3. Les acides gras oméga-3 peuvent améliorer la brillance et l'éclat du pelage, réduire l'inflammation et aider à l'absorption et à la distribution des nutriments essentiels.


  • Conservez les aliments au congélateur et décongelez-les au réfrigérateur jusqu'au moment de les utiliser.
  • Les aliments crus doivent être utilisés dans les 3 jours suivant la décongélation
  • Remettez les aliments inutilisés au réfrigérateur après avoir servi.
  • Servir dans des plats en acier inoxydable, en verre ou en céramique.
  • Lavez toutes les surfaces de travail, les ustensiles, ainsi que vos mains avec de l'eau chaude et du savon après avoir manipulé de la viande et de la volaille crue.
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