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Thrive Silver Shield – 250 mL

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Le bouclier d'argent est constitué de très petites particules d'argent colloïdale en suspension (non dissous) dans de l'eau distillée. Le bouclier d'argent est une solution de nettoyage très efficace pour les propriétaires d'animaux et peut supporter les défenses naturelles de la peau ainsi que la santé de la peau et du pelage. Vaporisez ou appliquez et laissez sécher pour une protection durable.

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Thrive Silver Shield – 250 mL (6 reviews )

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  1. Danielle

    A must in my house! My dog gets seasonal allergies where his ears will flare up, become red and scratcy. I spray silver shield on 2-3 times a day and his ears are cleared up within 2 days. Its also a must when we go camping in case of any cuts or scrapes

  2. williamsbk21

    I was a little iffy at first on if this would help but I gave it a try and it has been a huge help with my dog. He swims a lot so his ears get bothered but a couple sprays of the silver shield and they start improving. I have dropped this in his eyes, sprayed in his ears, sprayed on his body if he has cut himself and sprayed on top of his food. The silver shield is a must have in your house, it is my go to for when my dog has anything that bothers him or may need a little help healing.

  3. Sasha

    It’s not only good for dogs but it’s amazing for cats! I adopted my cat from the shelter and I was told he was prone to getting urinary tract infections and this was the only thing that helped him that didn’t cost me hundreds of dollars. There’s no exam fees and multiple medications. I gave him some orally every day and it cleared up in about a week. I was amazed and it’s now a staple in my household as long as I have pets.

  4. kategraham

    ADORE this product. Great effectiveness and price point. I use it topically on both my dogs all the time. For anything from healing wounds to skin irritations. I love that it’s safe to ingest and use on every skin surface, ears, and eyes. I also keep some in my personal human first aid kit!

  5. Kelsey (client confirmé)

    I was skeptical at first, but I will never be without for my dogs and my cat again. One dog gets skin flare ups – the vet doesn’t understand why it happens, spray this twice a day for a couple days and it’s gone! My other dog gives himself bad ears from anxiety and I have spent thousands on drops and vet bills, but a few sprays and his ears are good within a couple days. My cat gets UTIs and a few sprays in his food when it seems like he could be getting one and solves all his problems. I’m truly amazed

  6. Marlene

    I bought this for my cat…she seemed like she was giving up…wouldn’t eat, pee was really orange and she was just there…. I gave a few doses of this daily in her water for about 2 weeks and she’s eating and pooping and her pee is back to normal….highly recommend this. Saved a bundle on vet bills

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Eau distillée, argent colloïdal – 12 ppm

Pourquoi l'argent colloïdal Thrive est-il vendu dans des contenants en plastique? Le verre n'est-il pas la meilleure option d'emballage ?

De l'argent colloïdal, composé de particules d'argent et non d'ions d'argent, ne nécessite pas de bouteilles en verre et est généralement expédié et stocké dans du plastique PET. PET signifie polyéthylène téréphtalate, une forme de polyester. Le PET est couramment utilisé pour emballer des boissons non alcoolisées, de l'eau et des jus de fruits. Les bouteilles en plastique PET sont la bouteille de boisson la plus répandue dans le monde aujourd'hui. Les produits de haute qualité ne nécessitent pas de bouteille en verre pour rester stables.

De nombreux produits annoncés comme étant de l'argent colloïdal sont en fait des solutions d'argent ionique qui doivent être conservées dans du verre. L'argent ionique interagira potentiellement avec les récipients en plastique et détériorera la solution avec le temps. Ce sont généralement les produits de qualité inférieure qui nécessitent une bouteille en verre pour rester stables.

Guide d'alimentation

Posologie pour usage topique :
1 pulvérisation ou 1 ml 2x par jour

Entreposer à l'abri de la lumière directe du soleil. Tenir hors de portée des enfants. Aucune réfrigération nécessaire.

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