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Thrive Herring Oil – 500 mL

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Huile de hareng de l'Atlantique pure à 100 %. Une riche source d'acides gras Oméga-3.

Les oméga-3 sont bons pour la santé de vos animaux ! Une des meilleures façons de leur en donner suffisamment consiste à completer leur repas avec notre huile de hareng qui provient des eaux froides de l'Atlantique Nord.

  • Provenant de pêcheries canadiennes responsables en eaux froides de l'Atlantique Nord.
  • Our Herring is Low in Environmental Contaminants and is a Rich Source of Omega 3
  • Sources d'acides aminées essentielles pour les chats et les chiens.
  • Recommandée comme supplément pour tous les stades de vie.
  • Quantité : 100 I.U de Vitamine E par 5 ml

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Product Code: THRVHO500

Herring oil Huile de hareng Per 5 ml (1 tsp)/Par 5 ml (1 c. à thé)
Calories (kcal) 43
Fat (%) 97
Moisture (%) 3
Protein (%) 0
Carbohydrate (%) 0
INGREDIENTS: 100% Canadian Herring oil
INGRÉDIENTS: Huile de hareng Canadien à 100%
Omega-3 Essentiel Fatty Acids
ALA (mg)680
EPA (mg)240
DHA (mg)125
Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids
LA (mg)75
Omega-9 Fatty Acids
OA (mg)390
Vitamin E (IU)100

Ajouter quotidiennement aux repas de vos animaux.
L'huile de Hareng est recommandée pour tous les stades de la vie de votre animal.

Quantité recommandée : 5 ml par 25 lb de poids corporel.

Gardez au frais et à la noirceur.
Coagule si réfrigérée.

31 avis pour Thrive Herring Oil – 500 mL

  1. Sheri K

    It’s a perfect option for the Omega 3’s

  2. williamsbk21

    Omega 3’s are essential to your pets health and the herring oil bottle makes it super easy to just pour the right amount on your pets food. Tip: Herring oil doesn’t freeze (I may or may not have attempted to make a frozen treat with it). The size of this bottle is perfect for me feeding one large dog who eats a lot of fish so I don’t need to use it every day, but my friend with 3 medium dogs loves the bigger bottle.

  3. megurq

    This is a ” must have! ” for anyone just starting out on raw, or anyone looking for a simple, cost effective and delicious way of getting those necessary Omega’s in! Both my dog and cats get Thrive Herring Oil most days in the week, the kitties especially love it!

  4. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom

    This product is an important part of my dogs meals. Pets need an Omega 3 in their diet because they can’t produce it themselves. Herring oil and the Hemp seed oil are both wonderful sources of Omega 3 and a great help to make the coat shine.

  5. petitepeet

    Omega 3s are so important for any diet! As soon as I started my pets on raw I wasn’t sure what to use for omegas until someone recommended herring oil. The oil works really well and my dog loves it! It’s so easy to use, I just pour the recommended amount over her meals ! It’s also helped her fur become soft and silky

  6. Tracey Kelly

    On non fish days, this is a great product for giving Omega 3. This is always kept on hand in our house.

  7. Lindsay

    My 90lb dog loves herring oil added to his daily dinner meal. We always get complements about how soft and shiny his coat is !

  8. Jocelynne

    We love herring oil! During these wintery months paying attention to coat and dryness is one of our top priorities and herring oil is the best omega source yet and the pups love fish so go crazy for it! So easy to put on top of the food. I hate getting it on my fingers when closing the cap but as long as the girls are happy that’s all that matters!

  9. Desiree Simpson (client confirmé)

    My pups dinner would not be the same without this 🙂 they always make sure to lick up every single last drop and it for sure does the trick with helping keep them healthy.

  10. barksandmeow (client confirmé)

    We’ve tried other fish oils for our pets and they’ve walked away but they actually seem to really enjoy this one! We’re so happy to have found something that works because we know how essential omega 3 is in their diet. Thanks BCR!

  11. Sarah

    Great source of omega 3 fats. It has helped my pup’s coat become even more soft and shiny since switching to raw!

  12. Jenna

    An absolute must for daily supplements! Herring oil is a daily added supplement in my household as it is the greatest source of Omega 3’s! Not only hasn’t t improved the quality of my huskies coat, but also adds great flavour to their food!

  13. Meghan Funk.

    This Herring oil has made both the cats and the dog’s coat super soft and healthy.

  14. Sandra Hcm

    We have been adding this to every meal ever since switching to BCR in August. Our dog is a Cavalier King Charles so lots of long fur. Her coat is beautiful and I swear it has been easier to brush with less tangles since we switched. Previously we had use coconut oil but it didn’t provide the same nutrition as the Herring Oil.

  15. Mia

    A must have for raw feeding. Omegas, smelliness, and all the important stuff 😉 Good for dogs that won’t eat the fish due to texture

  16. hanna

    This oil is a fantastic source of Omega 3 for both dogs and cats! Very easy to measure out, so you never waste any! Best value for the best product.

  17. Brian

    We add this supplement to every meal for our boxer Penny. Omega 3’s are as important to dogs as they are for humans, and we have found this supplement is a great source for them. The health benefits and her shiny coat are absolutely worth it.

  18. roberta.james1

    Great way for my dogs to get their Omega 3! Bearable smell. Liking the new bottle top with lid. Great affordable option.

  19. Jewell Murphy

    Herring Oil has been a life saver for my girl Shades!! She had such dry, itchy skin and a rough coat. Since starting to add herring oil to her meals daily her coat is now soft and shiny, she has no more itching and the dandruff is gone! Herring Oil iz deffinitely a favorite in this house!

  20. Barbie Wallace

    Herring oil has been a great addition to the pures and the blends. Its been amazing for her skin as she is a hairless!

  21. Glenda

    I alternate using this with thrive hemp seed oil. Use this mainly for joint support but my dogs coats are so shiney and healthy looking!

  22. Strikapoz

    Such an important supplement! We noticed almost immediate changes to our pets’ coats as soon as we started using herring oil – such a great source of Omega-3!

  23. Alex Wolf

    This supplement is used everyday in our household. The cats love it, and it’s a great source of Omegas. Their fur and hair is so nice, people always ask me how I do it. I also prefer an animal based oil, rather than form a plant, but that’s just my opinion. However, the cats do seem do enjoy a salmon, herring, or krill oil for example. Could not live without this product.
    Highly recommended!

  24. Beardes8818 (client confirmé)

    Perfect way for my Shepard Husky and Toy Poodle to get there Omegas. Love this product and so happy its now carried at my local pet value.

  25. Roxannec

    J’aime ce produit car c’est une façon économique d’ajouter des omegas 3 aux repas de mes chiens.

  26. Lévéke Breton

    L’huile de hareng est facile à utiliser. Pas d’odeur de poissons! Adorer par nos chiens. Et mes chiens ont un si beau poils épais et lustrer. Et parfait pour la santé articulaires.

  27. 2452mmainville

    Os the perfect omegas option for the supplement if you dog dont like the fish.

  28. Alexhathaway (client confirmé)

    Great add on to your pets meal and they will love it.

  29. Sheri Beasley

    My 17 year old shih tzu has alot of skin and joint issues, since using this product his skin and coat have improved and he runs around like a puppy, love this product and highly recommend

  30. bcrcustomer

    It is a great supplement for dogs, i really love the product. This is my fourth bottle since I had my dog. However, I am giving it a star less because the bottle spout waste a lot of the oil each time I use it. I wish it can be fixed, because I think i am wasting probably 5% of it by the time I finish the bottle. I did email customer service, and you guys didn’t give a very helpful response, yet, basically telling me to accept it. So, not too happy about that. All in all, the product is good except the packaging.

  31. Denise thomson (client confirmé)

    My Dogs Zoey and Levi prefer it just before a meal ,their coats are beautiful .
    Started a month ago ,are they’re any other benefits than skin and coat ?

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