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Hero Peanut Buddy – avec huile de drains de chanvre - 325g

(7 avis client)

Hero Peanut Buddy - Hemp Seed Oil - 11oz


Hero Peanut Buddy – avec huile de drains de chanvre - 325g (7 reviews )

Nous aimons avoir l'avis nos clients. Votre animal a-t-il essayé le Hero Peanut Buddy – avec huile de drains de chanvre - 325g ?
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  1. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom

    My dog can’t get enough of this. I put it in his Toppl toy and he is entertained for more than an hour. The sweetener xylitol can be found in some store bought peanut butter and it is toxic to pets. It’s comforting to know that Peanut Buddy is made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives. Try all 3 flavours!

  2. Debra Steele (client confirmé)

    HERO Peanut Buddy is pure peanut butter with hemp oil and NO additives! That is so reassuring. I use this to make treats for my dogs. I use the BCR silicone paw mold, put the Peanut Buddy in the botton and then top it up with BCR Raw Fermented Goat Milk. They love these treats on their own or with their dinner.

  3. Danielle

    Amazing product. My dogs can’t get enough of this. Peanut butter and hemp only – don’t have to worry about sugar or xylitol!! The perfect ingredient to use in your Big Country Raw molds. Makes the perfect treat.

  4. williamsbk21

    I love all the hero peanut butters – I have fun making them into molds for fun frozen treats – or I have used it to mix with some supplements in the bowl for fun.

  5. Beardes8818 (client confirmé)

    This is for sure my dogs favourite special snack. I always use it to coat the inside of their Topples and freeze it with other treats and meat when they have to be alone for a little while. It’s also perfect to make into little frozen treats:)

  6. Dylace (client confirmé)

    My dogs love is product and I don’t mind giving it to them since it’s safe for them.

  7. AlexanneBoucher

    My lick mat and silicone mold best friend! Dog and cat loves it sooo much!

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Valeurs Nutritives

Peanuts, Hempseed Oil

Protéine – 27.7%

Gras - 53 %

Fibres - 13 %

Humidité - 1,5 %

Calories – 15 calories par 2.5 ml

Guide d'alimentation

Bien mélanger avant de servir. Meilleur si utilisé dans les 3 mois après l'ouverture. Garder au réfrigérateur pour conserver le produit frais.

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