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Hero Peanut Buddy - avec bâtonnet de boeuf - 325g

(10 avis client)

Hero Peanut Buddy - Bully Stick - 11oz


Hero Peanut Buddy - avec bâtonnet de boeuf - 325g (10 reviews )

Nous aimons avoir l'avis nos clients. Votre animal a-t-il essayé le Hero Peanut Buddy - avec bâtonnet de boeuf - 325g ?
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  1. megurq

    The perfect snack to spoon into a Kong treat or West Paw Toppl and freeze! Some grocery store Peanut Butters have Xylitol in them which is toxic to dogs so finding a safe Peanut Butter is super important! We trust BCR products and love that they have 3 flavours of this dog friendly PB! Remember to freeze inside a treat for a longer lasting focused activity!

  2. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom

    My dog can’t get enough of this. I put it in his Toppl toy and he is entertained for more than an hour. The sweetener xylitol can be found in some store bought peanut butter and it is toxic to pets. It’s comforting to know that Peanut Buddy is made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives. Try all 3 flavours!

  3. Cassie L

    Normally we buy Kirkland all natural peanut butter as it is sugar, sweetener, salt and additive free as it is so scary knowing Xylitol is added to some store bought ones. However, we just got our hands on this one and our Great Dane goes even more mental for it. Peanut butter is his all time favorite treat – he can be dead asleep as know when I’ve opened the cupboard and he is right there. We put it in his Toppl toy and he is entertained, in dog molds or let him lick it right off the spoon. Can’t wait to try the other 2 flavors.

  4. Amanda Virdo

    Our dogs go crazy for this! We love to use it when hiding pills from the dogs! Works everytime!

  5. LeoHunter

    My guys love this!! In a Kong, off a spatula, lol, or I use it with other ingredients and freeze in the Big Country Raw molds and give to them as treats. They can smell it as soon as I open the jar and go crazy. So much better than using the ‘people’ peanut butter, I highly recommend!

  6. Tamaraachan

    So many ways to use this peanut butter, in a kong, when washing your dog (you can put some on the wall, keeps them busy) or when making goat milk moulds. Dexter approves this product 100%

  7. Thelittledogcrew

    a perfect treat to add to goat’s milk! my 3 dogs love it!

  8. tricolourtrails (client confirmé)

    My dog does the instant drool when I open this jar – so it must be good! I put it different west paw toys and give it to him in the car (he gets anxiety in the car). Normally he refuses treats in the car, but he will actually eat this in the car!

  9. F-anny01 (client confirmé)

    Un produit que l’on a toujours chez moi, pour ajouter a la nourriture ou pour faire des biscuits glacés! Miam!

  10. Marjolaine Despars

    J’en met dans un kong pour distraire mon chien de longues minutes. Il adore et moi aussi puisque qu’il ne contient aucun ingrédient pouvant être toxique contrairement au beurre d’arachides pour humains.

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