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Hero Dehydrated Duck Feet – 125g

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HeroDogTreats™ – Dehydrated Duck Feet 125g
Les pattes de canard déshydratées de qualité consommation humaine sont une friandise plein de saveur et riche en protéines. 100% naturelles. Produits fabriqués au Canada, par des Canadiens et pour des Canadiens !

  • Pattes de canard, 100% canadiens provenant d'installations inspectées par l'ACIA
  • Gâterie déshydratée, ingrédient unique, sans agent de conservation
  • Excellent pour les articulations
  • Croustillant à souhait!

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Product Code: HDF125


Hero Dehydrated Duck Feet – 125g (6 reviews )

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  1. megurq

    Our favourite treat or bowl addition! Duck feet are a great natural crunchy snack for any size pet and phenomenal for joint support. My dog can’t have chicken so these replace chicken feet for us and we just love them! He gets them a few times a week. Such a great price, not many companies offer duck feet!

  2. Melissa Goncalves

    My dog loves these. I am especially grateful for a protein other than beef and chicken too!

  3. Angie Boothman (client confirmé)

    These are my dogs favorite dehydrated “foot”. There a good size and the dogs can take their time with it. Great for the joint health and dental health too!

  4. ErikaD

    Love these treats as they are a great alternative for those that are allergic to chicken and are large so they cannot be swallowed whole by my large breed dog.

  5. charliemcdoge

    A little bit strange but very appreciated by my dog! Hihi

  6. dog luv (client confirmé)

    My 70 pound dog loves these.. great little snack and also helps keeping teeth sparkling and breath nice and fresh 😉 Bonus good for joint health too! Also I believe you can purchase these raw too.. just thaw and serve with your doggie’s meal 🙂 I’m not to far though when she eats these duck feet. I like to keep an eye on her, nothing to worry just if she gets too excited with them lol.

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