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Hero Beef Bully Stick – 6″

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HeroDogTreats™ Beef Bully Sticks  are a delicious dehydrated chew treat that is rich in protein and sure to keep your HERO busy.

  • 100% All Natural Bully Stick
  • Teneur élevée en protéines, faible en gras, facilement digestible
  • Plein de saveurs et d'arômes naturelles que votre héros adorera!
  • Déshydraté naturellement, ingrédient unique, sans produit de conservation, ni produit chimique.
  • Produit de Colombie

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Product Code: HBS6


Hero Beef Bully Stick – 6″ (14 reviews )

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  1. Sheri K

    One of my dog favourite treats she knows where they are kept and will hang around the cupboard waiting to see if she can get one.

  2. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom (client confirmé)

    Excellent treat that any dog will love. Keeps them busy and cleans their teeth and gums at the same time.

  3. shepie.miniaussie (client confirmé)

    I can’t believe how long this lasted! My Mini Aussie actually took a break before finishing it! It’s very dense and thick for it’s size – definitely not one of those little tiny thin bully sticks!

  4. Ernie (client confirmé)

    Ernie’s favourite treat and one of the only ‘treats’ I trust. Hero is an amazing company! Your pooch will love it!

  5. Dianne Lozada

    Amazing treat that keeps my dog busy and I can’t believe how long this lasted!!! One of those treats that I will definitely keep buying!!!

  6. Terra Mueller

    This chew is my go to for my dog because it is literally the only thing she will chew on. They were a great teething tool when she was a puppy and now I give them to clean her teeth and to keep her busy!

  7. Erin Campbell

    My dogs love these and its so great to find a treat brand I can actually trust to not harm my pets. Its such a great company and these treats actually keep the girls busy for quite some time!

  8. Mia

    A good winter chew. Lasts very long and 3.99 instead of a 25$ bully stick, we know what to pick. 100% natural & very good says Quincy

  9. hanna

    These Bully sticks are the best on the market – Your dog will go crazy for them! Not only do the dogs love them, but owners do too! These treats will clean your dogs teeth while entertaining the dog for longer than any chew toy I have tried. Definitely a good buy!

  10. Kristi

    Very disappointed in this item especially having heard great things. One stick was great but the other stick must have been the “end/tip”. Very thin, cheap, easy to break. My one dog definitely got ripped off.

  11. LeoHunter

    These are the best thing to have when your puppy is going through the chewing everything, nipping stage. They were the only thing we found when all he wanted to do was chew everything around him and he still loves them, they keep them occupied for a longer length of time and they love them, I highly recommend!

  12. Catherine Poissant

    Parfait pour tenir un chien occupé pendant quelques temps, je n’ai jamais vue un chien lever le nez sur ça 🙂

  13. Beardes8818 (client confirmé)

    My Shepard husky loves chewing these bad boys, I love that theyre healthy and take him some time to get through.

  14. meganbrowne

    A really awesome chew that’s quite long lasting. Great for cleaning the teeth

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