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Poudre de citrouille séchée naturelle

La poudre de citrouille Thrive est un moyen naturel et efficace de traiter les troubles digestifs courants chez le chien, notamment les selles molles et la constipation.

  • Un moyen naturel et efficace de traiter les troubles digestifs
  • La citrouille est riche en fibres pour aider à absorber l'excès de liquide dans les selles.
  • Faible en gras et une bonne source de vitamine E, de magnésium et de potassium
  • Les résultats peuvent être vus en quelques heures
  • Un contenant donne 6 tasses de purée de citrouille

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Poudre de citrouille séchée naturelle

ÉLÉMENTS NUTRITIFS - par 100 grammes
Calories par 100 g 345
Calories par portion (25 g) 86
Glucides g 78
Fibre alimentaire g 23
Sucres g 18
Protéines g 6
Vitamine A IU 97997
Vitamine C mg 119
Vitamine D
Vitamine E (Alpha Tocopherol) mg 14.6
Vitamine K mcg 14.6
Thiamine mg 1.3
Riboflavine mg 1.3
Niacine mg 8
Vitamine B6 mg 1.3
Acide folique mcg 212
Vitamine B12
Acide Pantothénique mg 4
Choline mg 109
Calcium mg 279
Fer mg 10.6
Magnésium mg 159
Phosphore mg 584
Potassium mg 4512
Sodium mg 23
Zinc mg 4
Cuivre mg 1.3
Manganèse mg 1.3
Sélénium mcg 4

Guide d'alimentation

Ajoutez de la poudre de citrouille aux repas crus ou humides, mélangez et servez.

Pour ajouter aux plats secs et aux plats cuisinés, mélangez 1 partie d’eau pour 1 partie de poudre sèche. Remuez et servir.

La poudre de citrouille absorbera le liquide dans les régimes humides ou crus, ajoutez de l'eau si nécessaire.

3 cuillère à table de poudre de citrouille = 1 tasse de purée de citrouille

Quantité :

1 cuillère à soupe pour 25 lb de poids corporel en cas de diarrhée ou de constipation.
Dans la plupart des cas, 1 à 2 traitements suffisent.


Gardez au frais et à la noirceur.

24 avis pour Thrive Pumpkin Powder – 225g

  1. shepie.miniaussie (client confirmé)

    I always have some of this on hand! It is extremely convenient – all you do is add water and you have pumpkin puree. I used to buy organic pumpkin puree, but it would go bad before I had time to feed the entire can (and I hate letting food go to waste!). I also like that you don’t have to thaw and re-freeze. It’s perfect for those bad-tummy days and will save you an emergency trip to the store!

  2. aricher (client confirmé)

    A staple in our house! Pumpkin powder can be served as either a powder, or made into a puree & added to your dogs food when they have an upset tummy or just need some more fibre. It works WONDERS for super soft stool days. It also smells amazing (I smell it everytime before I put it in her bowl hehe!) I prefer it over canned pumpkin because you can make as much or as little as you want and you don’t find yourself with half a can in the fridge.

  3. Victoria gray

    My puppy, Duke has always had stools on the “looser side”. They’ve been firm for 2 weeks now!

  4. Hannah

    Just started giving this to my dog and he loves it!

  5. Jocelynne

    This is our first thrive supplement that brought us into the thrive world! Pumpkin played a major part in our transition to raw and it was definitely a life saver! The dogs don’t mind it too which helps a lot! Really great product to keep on hand and not one you have to add everyday but mostly when you need it or notice a change in your dogs poop! Pumpkin is a great fix for digestive problems and add a little water and you get so much use out of this jar!

  6. RLajman

    Loves that it comes with a tiny spoon. Better than purchasing a huge can of pumpkin that usually goes to waste.

  7. Graeme Walker

    A must have in the house. Great for tummy upset or adding as an occasional fibre boost. Having the powder makes it easier for me and not having to worry too much about expiry dates. Also great as an option to feed as a puree or just add it as a topper to a meal. My dog loves this!

  8. barksandmeow

    A MUST HAVE! We always have this on hand especially for the days our pets have an upset stomach or got into something they weren’t suppose to. They actually seem to enjoy it too which is a huge bonus!

  9. Isabel P

    Got sick of buying pumpkin puree only to have to throw a lot of it out. This is perfect to give my pumpkin loving dog whenever he is having tummy trouble.

  10. Kim

    I love this product. My dog likes it frozen with his goats milk and it’s so much better than buying a can that goes to waste

  11. Jennifer

    Such a great product! Keeps everything running smoothly.

  12. Kristina D

    A staple in my house to help with an upset stomach. So much more convenient and less waste than a can of pumpkin.

  13. André Lamarche

    Très pratique en cas d’urgence. Pas besoin de faire dégeler. On ajoute d el’eau et voilà!! Purée de citrouille à la rescousse!!

  14. Kelly M

    We are giving our mini aussie pup this with each meal. He’s new to raw and we want to keep his poops regular. So far so good – no issues at all! This is a great alternative to canned pumpkin which can go bad quickly.

  15. LeoHunter (client confirmé)

    This is a perfect solution for our 2 dogs, sometimes for one reason or another their poops are not ‘ideal’, I add a scoop of the pumpkin powder to a meal or 2 and we are back to normal immediately. It is so easy to use and convenient, I just keep in handy in the kitchen cupboard and it is there when needed, it not only works if the poop is too soft but also if it is too hard 😉

  16. cathoff93

    I am currently dog sitting my mom’s husky puppy who has an extremely sensitive stomach. We bought this when we switched our pup to raw, but she has rarely needed it. This has come in extremely handy after my mom’s puppy got into our compost pile and had liquid bowels! Firmed him back up in no time!

  17. AudreyandLaika

    Un incontournable quand nous avons une cocotte avec un intestin fragile comme la mienne ! Ce supplément ma sauver la vie plus d’une fois et son coussin ahaha

  18. Ani-Claude

    Ce produit est un énorme coup de cœur. Avant même de faire la transition pour la nourriture crue, j’avais toujours mon pot à la maison. Un super produit qui nous aide beaucoup lorsque l’estomac est à l’envers.


    I have a dog with a super sensitive stomach due to a health issue. This is a must have in my cubord for those unexpected tummy troubles!

  20. 2452mmainville

    The pumkin thrive is a supplement that you have to always need in your collection of Thrive supplement !!! When your dog have diharea , is the best think that you can give. The diharea stop in meaby 2 hours. Is a verry good product and not expensive !!! More easy to use than the frozen pumpkin.

  21. feetpeet

    Essential to have in on hand whenever your dogs poop is on either end of the spectrum. Also much easier than opening a can and freezing some of it so you don’t waste it.

  22. Caitlin Surman

    Great staple to have on hand for whenever we get tummy issues. You can make exactly what you need and not waste any.

  23. Marjolaine Despars

    Super supplément, d’autant que mon chien refuse de manger de la purée de citrouille mais ni voit que du feu quand je lui donne spis forme de poudre.

  24. AlexanneBoucher

    Un must à toujours avoir en sa possession! Parfait pour les petits problèmes de digestion! Autant pour chien que pour chat!

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