Here are just some of the teams and groups that make us proud!

Canine Watersports Canada

Canada’s FIRST 100% Canadian, Dock Jumping Organization!

Imagine, for a moment, the sight of a happy, high-spirited dog waiting with breathless anticipation at one end of a 36-foot dock. At the other end, the dog’s handler stands before a 45-foot pool, dangling an enticing floatable toy. In an instant, the dog, energized by the sudden swell of a cheering crowd, speeds down the dock just as the handler hurls the toy skyward. The dog jumps off the edge of the dock, flying over 20 feet through the air in hot pursuit, before his awesome splashdown into the pool.   Watching or participating in Dock Diving is an incredible experience.   Don’t miss a chance to see the Big Country Raw Canine Waterdog Sports Team in action at the following events this summer!


Adrenaline Rush Flyball Team


Adrenaline Rush was born from a bunch of people who absolutely love their dogs and enjoy spending time together.  The team is currently constituted of 34 members: 15 human and 19 canine (although we all know in the dog sports world that this number is ever changing!).  These dogs are all around athletes and compete in many other events such as agility, disc, dock diving, rally-obedience, scent detection and much more.


Team Austin

Team Austin

Ashley has been involved in dog sports for over 7 years, starting out with Air Austin at 1.5 years old. Austin is a Cattle dog mix Ashely rescued at 6 weeks of age. Air Austin was the start of our addiction to dock diving competitions and other sports. He has competed all over Canada and the United States. Austin has won several awards and been featured in newspaper articles, and featured in National Geographic magazine as # 1 Dog for their Top Ten dogs! The other two members of the team are Ryder, an Australian Shepherd, and Jag, a Dutch Shepherd. Jag is currently Canada’s First Elite Champion, Canadian record holder and Champion in Toss and has an impressive jump of 27’4”.


The K9 Unit is a competitive flyball team consisting of members from the Toronto and Ottawa area.   The team competes in NAFA and UFLI Tournaments in Ontario.   This team consists of some of UFLI’s fastest dogs with multiple awards and achievements for breed and category!  Big Country Raw is proud to be an official sponsor.

Team Fly

Adventures of Fly

Meet Fly and Flynn! Fynn and Mark were on Team Canada in 2012, 2013 and 2014. FLY is just starting out but has some great potential. In sport, tenths of seconds wins races, and Big Country Raw provides the nutrition that fuels success!

In addition to winning competitions, Mark is also a lead trainer at McCanns Dog Training in Flamborough! Check out his classes and chat with him about raw nutrition for your dog today!

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