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Vita Nutrition Fermented Veggies 430g

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They are much easier to digest than fresh vegetables. The fermentation process not only produces probiotics, but also produces vitamins and enzymes!

Whole food is better than synthetic supplement because it is already active and more likely to survive the stomach and colonize the intestines with good bacterias.

According to studies comparing the benefits of fresh vegetables vs. fermented vegetables, fermented veggies are the healthiest and most efficient way to supplement your dog’s diet with vegetation!


Product Code: VNAFV450

INGREDIENTS Fermented Veggies: Green Cabbage, Zucchini, Broccoli, Carrot, Salt INGRÈDIENTS: Chou vert, courgette, brocoli, carotte, sel


Vita Nutrition Fermented Veggies 430g (2 reviews )

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  1. aliciawillie (verified owner)

    We have a 1.5 year old Australian Shepherd who has been on a raw diet since she was ~ 6 months old. She truly adores the fermented vegetables. Fair warning: they smell – but the smell must be intoxicating to her because she drools as I pull it out of the fridge. In a bowl full of delights, this is her immediate go-to! Unlike the Fruit and Vegetable Side Dish, we don’t see this in entirety in her stool – thus, easier to digest. Google it, so many benefits for fermented vegetables and if you can get over the smell, I’m sure your pup will love!

  2. Sue123 (verified owner)

    My dogs adore this! A little goes a long way also. A staple in our home now. Both dogs get so excited when they see the jar!! So many amazing health benefits!!

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