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Vita Nutrition Animale Pork BoostR – 192g

Vita Nutrition Animale Pork BoostR is an all-natural treat. It is made from a blend of cooked meat, fat, cartilage, and broth. Use as a meal topper to enhance the flavour of your dog or cat’s dish, or serve directly from the recyclable plastic pouch as a training paste. Due to its high-calorie count, the PorkBoostR is ideal for the active dog and can be used as a recovery paste after training.

  • Highly digestible energy source
  • Increase absorption of essential vitamins
  • Regulate metabolic functions
  • Promote recovery after physical exercise


Product code: VNABRP192

INGREDIENTS PORK BOOSTR: Cooked Pork meat, Fat, Marrow and Bone broth (Water, Pork bones, Cider Vinegar, Sunflower Lecithin) in variable proportions No salt added • Preservative free Made from pork bones graded for human consumption INGRÈDIENTS: Viande de porc cuite, bouillon de graisse, de moelle et d'os (eau, os de porc, vinaigre de cidre, lécithine de tournesol) en proportions variables Sans sel ajouté • Sans conservateur Fabriqué à partir d'os de porc classés pour la consommation humaine



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PORK BOOSTR Main Nutrient

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Feeding Guide

This is a great product to give to your pet as a treat during obedience training, leash walking or hiking. We suggest you simply let your pet lick from the neck of the pouch by pressing lightly on the pouch. Start slowly as this product is high in fat.

Keep frozen until ready to use, good in the refrigerator up to 3 days. You can thaw and refreeze for future use.

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