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TREK – Turkey and Salmon Formula – 500g

(15 customer reviews)

Dehydrated RAW PET FOOD.

Feed your dog on any adventure.  A great choice for traveling, boarding your pet, or when you just forgot to thaw out some raw!

TREK dehydrated raw food is the best choice when raw can’t be your first choice.

Need a meal for boarding, or if you simply just forgot to take out some raw food.   Simply add water, stir, let sit for 20 min. and then serve.

  • No Preservatives, Fillers, Grains, or Soy,
  • 100% Natural Ingredients – No Synthetic Vitamins, or Minerals
  • Free Range Turkey
  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Complete Meal – just add water!
  • Each 500 gram bag makes 4 lbs. of fresh raw food.

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Turkey (meat & bone), Salmon Meat, Lamb Organ Meat (liver, spleen), Organic Sweet Potato, Organic Pumpkin, Organic Kale, Organic Spinach, Organic Cranberries, Organic Blueberries, Kelp, Alfalfa, Spirulina.

Nutrient Analysis
Per 100g
Calories 520
Moisture 4.7%
Protein (min) 30%
Fat (min) 17%
Fibre 3 %
Calcium 932 mg
Phosphorus 870 mg
Additional Product Info:
Muscle Meat % 56
Organ Meat % 7.5
Bone Content % 11.5
Fruit and Vegetable % 25

Feeding Guide

To prepare, mix equal parts TREK and water.  Mix well and allow to sit for up to 20 min, then serve. Refrigerate leftovers for up to 2 days.

10 lb dog = ¼ cup prepared Trek

20 lb dog = ½ cup prepared Trek

40 lb dog = 1 cup prepared Trek

60 lb dog = 1 ½ cup prepared Trek

80 lb dog =  2 cup prepared Trek

100 lb dog = 2 ½ cup prepared Trek

Raw Conversion: 1 cup of dry TREK = the nutrition of 1 lb of fresh raw food.

Serving & Handling

Simply add 1 part water to 1 part dry, prepared TREK, stir and serve!

Wash hands, surfaces , bowls and utensils after serving.

Supplement Trek with Thrive Herring Oil for best results!


To transition from raw to dehydrated we suggest offering ½ Trek + ½ of current food (dry or raw) diet for 2 days, then ¾ Trek + ¼ other diet for 2 days.

We always recommend a food trial before travelling to ensure good digestive acceptance of food.


Seal bag and store away from sun and moisture.

15 reviews for TREK – Turkey and Salmon Formula – 500g

  1. ErikaD

    This product was a life saver when my dog had to go to the vet hospital and they would not feed raw, Trek made it so my dog would not be suffering from an upset stomach. It is also so easy to serve. I plan on taking Trek with me when I go on my trip to the US since I will not be able to bring his regular BCR meals

  2. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom

    Perfect for camping, road trips or for dog sitting days. Super easy and convenient! No need to add an omega 3 because there’s salmon in it. Just add water and it’s complete! We even took it over the US border with no issues whatsoever.

  3. UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue (verified owner)

    Excellent product, used many times and my dogs LOVE it.

  4. Kristi McLeod Smeets

    This is every campers dream come true! Or every mom with mom brain (forgot to thaw dinner AGAIN — EEK) I love that BCR even made a chicken free recipe!

  5. AudreyandLaika

    Moi qui adorent partir en voyage, ce produit ne me quitte jamais !!!!

  6. Thelittledogcrew (verified owner)

    the perfect meal for weekend camping! it is easy to train and contains a nice quantity!

  7. Ani-Claude

    This product is perfect when we leave and it’s difficult to bring raw food.
    Fortunately we know that she eats complete meals of high quality whit this products.

  8. Debra.Steele

    I just love TREK. I use it for so many things: as a topper just sprinkled on top of a meal in its dry form. It adds a little bit of extra flavour; I will mix up a small batch and use it to add to molds with other things like goat milk, or some of the side dishes. This summer it has been a real help. When you decide to take a long drive and you know it’s close to meal time just add water and serve. Takes a bit of the hunger pangs away till you get your best friend home.

  9. 2452mmainville

    J’adore le trek !!! Très bon dépanneur quand tu as oublier de dégeler de la viande , ou quand pitou vaa se faire garder !! Et kayla laime bien !

  10. F-anny01

    Tellement un bon achat! Cela simplifie beaucoup nos petites escapades!

  11. Nadine Lussier

    An easy way to get trough a week-end of camping with my lillte boy. I was happy to find this meal-replacement solution as my baby eats BCR since he has been weaned.

  12. Melissa Lamarche

    Perfect for us avid campers! It can be difficult to bring raw food everywhere, especially when it needs to stay frozen and cold! This is a great alternative when traveling, boarding or having your pet babysat!

  13. Alexhathaway

    Great for on the go! Would love to see this product made with pork or beef.

  14. Homer

    When you are on the go or traveling in the car for a while this is perfect our pup loves these

  15. charliemcdoge

    I was wondering if there is an option for travel when you are on raw food….Trek is just wonderful! It’s so easy to use and very convinient. You don’t have to worry for your dog food anymore when you go on a trip.

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    TREK dehydrated raw food is the best choice when raw can’t be your first choice. Need a meal for boarding, or if you simply just forgot to take out some raw food.   Simply add water, stir, let sit for 20 min. and then serve.

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