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Toppl Small 3″ – Aqua Blue

(2 customer reviews)

Raw feeders LOVE this toy!

A treat dispenser that helps fast eaters slow down •

Large and small sizes interlock for enhanced challenge •

Toss it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning

Toppl is an award-winning durable puzzle toy.   Raw feeders worldwide love this durable design as it soft, rounded teeth inside a contoured cavity make this a great way to serve up frozen raw food.   Simply thaw your dog’s favourite Big Country Raw meal, fill the toy and then freeze. Serve up the stuffed Toppl toy as a frozen treat or raw meal for a challenging and rewarding meal experience!

To double the fun, simply connect the small and large sizes together to make the toy more of an engaging challenge.

Product Code: ZG083AQA

Suggested treats to try:

  1. Apple slices
  2. Dog cookies
  3. Hero Treats 
  4. Cheese chunks
  5. Carrot slices
  6. Mashed banana
  7. Hero Peanut Buddy
  8. Frozen Bone Broth

2 reviews for Toppl Small 3″ – Aqua Blue

  1. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom

    My dogs new favourite toy! He has both the large and small one so it’s great to lock them together with treats inside. It kept him entertained for more than an hour and then he took a nap. I put some Peanut Buddy in one and that was a whole other experience for him. It’s super durable and dishwasher safe! Totally recommend!

  2. Racheldavis

    Love this I have 2 pups who gulp food down so quicl switched to feeding in the toppl and its made such a huge difference in the time it takes to eat a meal! Bonus is dishwasher safe!

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