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Thrive Taurine – 200g

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Essential amino acid supplement for cats and dogs. It is essential for cardiovascular function function, and development and function of skeletal muscles, and the central nervous system.

Taurine can be added as an additional amino acid supplement to augment a raw, dry or home cooked diet.



Taurine supplementation is beneficial for dogs and cats when dietary restrictions prevent them from receiving natural occurring Taurine in their diet.

Taurine is an amino acid that is essential in a cat’s diet because they cannot synthesize it adequately like most other mammals.

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Taurine (2- aminoethanesulphonic acids, 98%), minerals (2%)


Taurine can also be administered in drinking water in a limited amount as fresh water should be made available daily.


1 scoop = 1/4 tsp 

Daily Feeding Rate for Cats:

5 lbs = 1/4 tsp or 1 scoop

10 lbs = 1/2 tsp or 2 scoops

20  lbs = 3/4 tsp or 3 scoops

30 lbs –  1 tsp or 4 scoops


Daily Feeding Rate for Dogs:

Weight in pounds            ¼ teaspoons

                10 – 30                                   1

                30 – 75                                   2

                75 +                                       3

3 reviews for Thrive Taurine – 200g

  1. Alex Wolf

    An essential when you have cats. It doesn’t taste anything (or the cats would’ve looked at me funny), and I’m not scared if I put too much since it’ll just come out in their pee. It’s cheap, and saves me a lot of hassle if I were to calculate every thing myself.
    Highly recommended!

  2. Nicia Montminy (verified owner)

    With the recent talks about taurine deficiency possibility in kibble, I decided it was best for me to supplement my cat’s food with taurine. This format is economical, does not take much storage space and is sufficiently large enough to last through my large meal preps, no questions asked. What is great about taurine is that what is not used by the body is simply excreted in the urine! Thank-you BCR for giving me the opportunity to give my cat taurine and not be worried about her missing out on such an important part of a cat’s diet.

  3. Debra.Steele

    This is a great product for the cats. They require taurine to properly absorb their food. I use it daily for my cat, and don’t have to worry about giving too much. Their body will absorb only what it needs and naturally eliminates the rest. The handy dosage guide on the side of the jar is perfect, and the little scoop inside the jar helps to portion out just the right amount.

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