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Slobbers® Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – 250 ml

(4 customer reviews)

100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Slobbers® Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is a human-grade, premium, organic supplement that helps your dog reach its full potential.

  • Premium Human-Grade, Organic Ingredients
  • Helps Prevent Disease, Allergies, Infection, and Clears Up Digestion Problems
  • Good for All Breeds and Life Stages

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100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Crude Fibre – 0%
Crude Protein – 0%
Crude Fat – 14%

*per 100g serving

4 reviews for Slobbers® Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – 250 ml

  1. Jocelynne

    Coconut oil is everything and more! I like buying from here cause it’s nice to get everything in a one stop shop! Sometimes you don’t always know if it is sourced well or has any added ingredients when it’s from the grocery store and human grade. Atleast from BCR you have the peace of mind of knowing your pooch is safe and it’s generally just as cheap as your human coconut oil would be! The best part is it’s 100% organic! Even humans can enjoy if you really wanted to! This is our go to in shedding months and dry winter air months! We notice a pick up in dandruff and dull coat when the winter comes around so by adding this to meal time or even just off the spoon it really helps bring our pooches coat up to its shiny glory! MUST HAVE and it even helps with bad breath!

  2. williamsbk21 (verified owner)

    I love this coconut oil and usually end up melting it and using it for molds with my thrive curcumin supplement. I sometimes also apply topically if my guy has some dry skin, or just add a bit to meals.

  3. Beardes8818 (verified owner)

    This is perfect for my pups to eat and for me to rub through their fur it really helps with my Shepard huskys dandruff when he sheds his coat.

  4. Alexhathaway

    Throw some of this in my dogs meals which helps with many different things but my favourite is putting it on their skin.

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