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Turkey Necks (Skinless) – 2 lb

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Free range turkey necks sourced from Ontario Farms are a popular soft and meaty meal replacement bone for large breeds.

2 lb (4-5 pieces )

  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Free Range Turkey
  • Low in Fat
  • Good for big dogs and serious chewers
  • Excellent Dental Benefit
  • Good physical and mental exercise
  • Raw Meaty Bones can make up 30% of entire diet.

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*Seasonally Turkey Necks will be smaller September thru January.  This is because our Turkey Supplier processes whole turkeys for Canadian Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We are only able to source Turkey Necks from Hens (female turkeys) and these are much smaller.    January thru September the Turkey Necks will be from Toms (male turkeys) and will be larger and typically 2 pieces per bag. 

Skinless Turkey Necks



Nutrient Quantity
Vitamin A 48.76IU
Vitamin B1 0.06 milligrams
Vitamin B2 0.24 milligrams
Vitamin B3 5.58 milligrams
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 0.91 milligrams
Vitamin B6 0.41 milligrams
Vitamin B12 2 micrograms
Folate 5.67 micrograms
Vitamin C 0 milligrams
Vitamin D 14.74IU
Vitamin E 0.20IU
Vitamin K 0 micrograms


Nutrient Quantity
Calcium 27.22 milligrams
Copper 0.16 milligrams
Iron 1.15 milligrams
Magnesium 17.01 milligrams
Manganese 0.06
Phosphorous 181.44 milligrams
Potassium 150.82 milligrams
Selenium 32.43
Sodium 264 milligrams
Zinc 3.84 milligrams


Protein – Min 18%
Fat – Min 6%
Fibre – Max 2%
Moisture 74%

Meal Planning Information

  • Meal Replacement Raw Bone recommended for cleaning teeth and gums
  • Supplemental feeding only and must be fed in rotation with a raw meal choices
  • Appropriately sized for medium to large dogs (25-80lbs)
Feeding Instructions
  • Monitor pet at all times when feeding raw bones
  • Offer bones frozen or partially thawed to ensure the meat and bones are chewed thoroughly before swallowing

23 reviews for Turkey Necks (Skinless) – 2 lb

  1. vmckenzie

    These are bigger then the duck necks, so we cut them in half for our medium dogs. Always fresh, they are a great meal replacement option!

  2. williamsbk21

    The turkey necks are a great size for my 90lb boy and do a great job at cleaning his teeth and means I feed a little less at meal time on days he gets them.

  3. megurq

    We love Turkey Necks as a meal replacement or on days we forget to defrost and thaw more raw! Perfect for large breeds or for those dogs who want a safe bone option to really hunker down and chew on. They vary in size depending on the time of year and male or female necks, but we love that variety as it just allows for more variation in what we are feeding. Smaller necks we serve with Tripe or Salmon often but bigger Turkey Necks will be a whole meal for my big boy. Just remember they are a source of bone as well as the meaty exterior and should always be supervised while being consumed.

  4. Cassie L

    These are our favorite meal replacement bone for our Great Dane. We feed these to him frozen and it takes him a solid 30+ minutes to get through. On days we offer these, we feed a bit less food. They clean his teeth well and hes always super excited when he see them!

  5. Lindsay

    My 90lb dog loves turkey necks as a meal replacement ! It’s a great treat for him to keep busy chewing on, as well great for his teeth!

  6. Lindsay

    This is a great meal replacement as well as a good way to keep your pet busy. It also is a great way to clean your pets teeth 🙂

  7. petitepeet

    Les cous de dinde sont le repas préféré de ma chienne! Habituellement je le donne congelé pour augmenter le defi et laisser travailler la mâchoire. Les jours ou je lui donne, je réduit la portion du repas principal par le poids du cou de dinde que je lui donne. Cette méthode fonctionne super bien pour nous. J’aime beacoup la variété que ceci apporte a sa diète!

  8. Finn_Rey (verified owner)

    Love these meal replacements. I feed them thawed to one of my dogs with a broken tooth (so she needs softer things) and she does amazing with them

  9. Lori Muzzerall

    These are the perfect size for our Mastiff to enjoy and are economical enough to add to her diet every few days. She is nearly 3 has been on raw nearly a year and has pearly white teeth … all plaque and discolouration is gone… thank you BCR

  10. Kristi McLeod Smeets (verified owner)

    BCR Turkey necks are a great size for big dogs, very meaty and my Boxer LOVES them!

  11. hanna

    An awesome meal replacement for your dog! Typically larger than duck necks, so great for larger dogs! Can easily be split up for smaller dogs as well. Perfect way to keep your dogs well fed, entertained (for at least 20 minutes!), and happy!

  12. Nanuk

    These are the perfect size for my big guy. We feed them frozen and they last a little longer. Perfect for those times you forget to thaw a meal or while on the run.

  13. Spope

    We feed these bones frozen so that they can last a little longer. Great way to add some ‘crunch’ to their meals!

  14. Racheldavis

    My girls love the necks added bonus that they help clean the teeth which I love!

  15. Shona (verified owner)

    Turkey necks make an amazing meal replacement and keeps my dog happy for a while. Great teeth cleaner as well!

  16. AudreyandLaika

    Ma chienne adore les cous de canards ! J’en ai toujours dans mon congélateur

  17. Tamaraachan

    I can give one of these big babies to feed my 75 pounds GSD for a meal. Great way to tire him out, work for his food and clean his teeth! I always have a bag in the freezer.

  18. Beardes8818 (verified owner)

    My Shepard husky really enjoys nawing his way through these bones. He seems to enjoy these even more then the turkey dinner itself.

  19. Roxannec

    J’aime cet os charnu car il est assez gros pour faire travailler mon chien de 50lbs. Idéal pour nettoyer les dents.

  20. F-anny01

    Nous aimons tous les os charnus BCR, une bonne quantité de viande, donné congelé ca fait travailler le chien!

  21. hui0414

    This is the very first meal replacement bone i tried with my girl, and is one of her favorite. It took her a while to figure out how to eat it, it was very easy for me to hold onto one end and let her chew on the other end. It’s a great choice to start your pup on meal replacement bone and teach them how to eat it.

  22. tricolourtrails

    A very meaty neck bone option. Excellent at cleaning the teeth.

  23. Ashley

    My puppy who is 5 months and only 30lbs finishes this in less than 5 minutes. But she loves it!

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