Duck Feet – 1 lb

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Our duck feet are individual quick frozen and easy to serve!  A very popular raw bone, each foot contains naturally occurring glucosamine.  The perfect raw bone for the active pet!

Premium quality, meal replacement raw meaty bone that is a great supplemental feeding option for all sizes of dogs.

  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free Ontario Raised Duck
  • Raw Entertainment for Your Dog
  • Great for Cleaning Teeth and Gums
  • Excellent source of glucosamine
  • Conveniently packaged in a 1 lb flat pack zipper bag.


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Duck Feet

Crude Fibre – 2 %
Fat – 18 %
Moisture – 66 %
Protein – 14 %


Nutrient Quantity
serving – 28 grams)
Vitamin A 28.35IU
Vitamin B1 0.02 milligrams
Vitamin B2 0.06 milligrams
Vitamin B3 0.11 milligrams
Vitamin B6 0 milligrams
Vitamin B12 0.13 micrograms
Folate 24.38 micrograms
Vitamin C 0 milligrams
Vitamin D 2.27IU
Vitamin E 0.11IU
Vitamin K 0.1 micrograms


Nutrient Quantity
Calcium 24.95 milligrams
Copper 0.03 milligrams
Iron 0.26 milligrams
Magnesium 1.42 milligrams
Phosphorous 23.53 milligrams
Potassium 8.79 milligrams
Selenium 1.02
Sodium 19 milligrams
Zinc 0.2 milligrams

Meal Planning Information

  • Meal Replacement recommended for cleaning teeth and gums
  • Supplemental feeding only and must be fed in rotation with a balanced raw diet
  • Appropriately sized for small to medium breed dogs.
  • Also great for cats.
Feeding Instructions
  • Monitor pet at all times when feeding raw bones
  • Offer bones frozen or partially thawed to ensure the meat and bones are chewed thoroughly before swallowing

16 reviews for Duck Feet – 1 lb

  1. williamsbk21

    Love this new raw bone! Duck feet are ever so slightly larger than chicken feet. I weighed a few of mine and they were about 0.9 to 1.15 oz each. Sizing can vary as it is a natural product but my dog loved these!

  2. Alexandra Boyd

    I absolutely love these for my dogs Gunner a Vizsla and Winnie a Brittany. Another product I would recommend to everyone I know. I love the crunching of the bones.

  3. Shirley (verified owner)

    We are in love with the new duck feet! Great for a simple chew for our medium breed dogs. Will be making sure we always have these in our freezer!

  4. Komorebi

    Our crew loves duck feet and they are so good for them

  5. Komorebi

    Our crew loves duck feet and they are so good for them

  6. Shona

    Love the duck feet. I add one to my dogs meal or as a treat Great for teeth cleaning!

  7. petitepeet

    Love this natural product! I give 3-4 times a week as a treat or in addition to a meal. They act like an edible toothbrush and my dog is crazy for them! A really great chew!

  8. ava_klausgsd (verified owner)

    Have a dog with a chicken sensitivity so was never able to experience the benefits of feeding feet until now. Ordered 2 bags right away. Like adding these to their bowls and also serving as just a treat.

  9. AudreyandLaika

    Mon chien étant sensible au poulet, les pattes de canards son une belle alternative

  10. Beardes8818 (verified owner)

    My dogs really love the duck feet, I got them as theyre a bit bigger then the chicken feet but both my dogs actually enjoy them as I thought only my Shepard husky would. Theyre great. Thanks for coming out with them.

  11. ErikaD

    Love these for my large breed dog! They are large and great for teeth cleaning as they force him to slow down and chew!

  12. Debra.Steele (verified owner)

    My boxers LOVE all things DUCK. Crunchy and nutritious. Great for big dogs and the little ones too. I use them as treats as well as an addition to a meal.

  13. hui0414

    Spud has a chicken allergy, so we never got to try the chicken feet with her. This is such a great addition, she loves it

  14. Alexhathaway (verified owner)

    My dogs love these! Not the best for big fast eaters but my smaller dogs do amazing with them.

  15. thecass (verified owner)

    Our dane is allergic to chicken, and we love the idea of feeding feet for extra glucosamine, So happy we can now offer these to him. Great for cleaning teeth too. They are slightly bigger than chicken feet.

  16. Ashley

    My 5 month old malinois tried this duck foot today and she loved it! It took her roughly 30 minutes to finish it.

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