Cornish Hen Feet – 1 lb

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Our cornish hen feet are individual quick frozen and easy to serve!  A very popular raw bone, each foot contains naturally occurring glucosamine.  The perfect raw bone for the active pet!

Premium quality, meal replacement raw meaty bone that is a great supplemental feeding option for all sizes of dogs.

  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free Ontario Raised Cornish Hens
  • Raw Entertainment for Your Dog
  • Great for Cleaning Teeth and Gums
  • Excellent source of glucosamine
  • Conveniently packaged in a 1 lb flat pack zipper bag.


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Nutrient Analysis Valeur Nutritive Per 100g as fed/par 100g tel que servi
Calories (kcal) 190.2
Crude protein (g) 15.59
Crude fat (g) 13.11
Carbohydrate (g) 2.48
Moisture (g) 59.50
Calcium (g) 3.66
Phosphorus (g) 1.77
INGREDIENTS: Cornish Hen Feet
INGRÈDIENTS: Pattes de poulet de Cornouailles
Cornish Hen Feet

Disclaimer: Big Country Raw® follows the Minimal Requirement (Amount/1000kcal for Growing Puppies After Weaning & Adults Dogs) suggested by The Nutrient Requirement for Dogs and Cats by the National Research Council (NRC). For the nutrients P, Na, K, I, Co, Mn, and Vit A, E & B group (no minimum requirement provided) recipes match the NRC Recommended Allowance. For Omega-3 Fatty acids (ALA, EPA, DHA), and Vit D we strongly suggest adding fish or Thrive® Herring Oil to meet the NRC Recommended Allowances.

Meal Planning Information

  • Meal Replacement recommended for cleaning teeth and gums
  • Supplemental feeding only and must be fed in rotation with a balanced raw diet
  • Appropriately sized for small to medium breed dogs.
  • Also great for cats.
Feeding Instructions
  • Monitor pet at all times when feeding raw bones
  • Offer bones frozen or partially thawed to ensure the meat and bones are chewed thoroughly before swallowing

12 reviews for Cornish Hen Feet – 1 lb

  1. williamsbk21

    These are perfect for small dogs or cats, or as small additions to larger dogs meals. My guy is 90lbs but took his time with these. I weighed a few of my cornish hen feet and they were between 0.4 to 0.5oz. I also added one to a toppl for my guy. Love the new feet!

  2. Alexandra Boyd

    I love these too. They are perfect for smaller dogs or puppies. My Vizsla and Brittany absolutely love these. Another product I highly recommend to everyone I know.

  3. Kristi McLeod Smeets (verified owner)

    These are awesome for my 4 month old Boxer pup. Easy to chew, keeps him busy and he loves them.

  4. Shona

    I love these teeth cleaning feet for my Pup! Great as an addition to meals or a treat on their own

  5. petitepeet

    These are so cost friendly and great for large and small dogs alike! I feed them 3-4x times a week in rotation with the duck feet and my dog loves them! They are the perfect edible toothbrush and can be given as a treat, chew or in addition to a meal 😉

  6. Angie Boothman (verified owner)

    These are a perfect little size. Great add on to my dogs meals or a tasty treat after a days walk !

  7. ava_klausgsd (verified owner)

    Smaller than the duck feet but great to add to meals for the glucosamine benefits. My dog has a chicken sensitivity but can still enjoy these!

  8. KrystenKT

    I picked these up as an alternative to the Chicken Feet and I’m glad I did! Teddy loves them when I add 2 or 3 to his daily meals, or throw them in a Toppl for more fun at mealtime! Luckily, he has no allergies to chicken, but I am glad there is an option if he did. The extra glucosamine they provide is just a bonus on top!

  9. Caitlin Surman (verified owner)

    Even my picky dog doesn’t turn these down! Definitely a favorite in this house.

  10. 2452mmainville

    Les plusnpetites pattes qui plaiseny a tous chiens. Moi ca vaa bien avec la mienne de 100lbs elle adore !

  11. gracecrxmb

    My dog really likes these and I’m so glad there’s another option besides chicken since he’s allergic. My only complaint is that they’re completely frozen together and it’s very difficult to seperate without them breaking.

  12. Sandimancan (verified owner)

    My pug loves these. I usually give him 3-4 per week, sometimes alone as a treat or in his bowl with his meal. He usually finishes them in 3-5 minutes.

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