Pork Organ Blend – 1 lb

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A rich blend of pork organ meat to help customize your next Big Country Raw meal.

  • Helps to relieve constipation.
  • Rich source of extra minerals and nutrients.
  • Great option for those pets who can not have the beef organ blend.

A side dish for dogs and cats that could use more organ meat in their diet.   May be used to help soften up stools or encourage fussy eaters. We source only the best, highest quality pork organ meat.

  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Supplemental Feeding Choice – feed in rotation with Big Country Dinners, Blends or Pure Formulas
  • Rich source of vitamins and minerals


25% Pork Heart, 25% Pork Liver, 25%, Pork Kidney, 25% Pork Spleen

Pork Organ Blend
Nutrition Facts
per 100 grams
Calories 114
Moisture % 76
Fat % 4
Protein % 19
Fibre % 3
Vitamins & Minerals
Calcium mg 8.50
Iron mg 14.59
Magnesium mg 19.50
Phosphorus mg 288
Potassium mg 322.75
Sodium mg 108.50
Zinc mg 2.43
Copper mg 2.69
Manganese mg 0.14
Selenium ug 66.18
Thiamin mg 0.21
Riboflavin mg 1.72
Niacin mg 9.28
Beta_Carot mg 58
Folate ug 98.75
Vitamin B12 ug 25.26
Vitamin A_UI IU 4573.75
Vitamin A_RAE IU 1346.75
Vitamin E mg 0.20
Vitamin K mg 0.77
Vitamin C mg 14.55
Additional Product Info:
Muscle Meat % 25
Organ Meat % 75
Bone Content % 0
Fruit and Vegetable % 0
Supplement % 0

Supplemental Feeding Choice.

Pork Organ Blend is intended as a supplemental feeding choice to your pet’s raw food meals.  Pork Organ Blend can be helpful in soften stools.  If you notice your raw fed pet has very dry or hard stools on a raw diet an extra scoop of POB can be the perfect solution.  Every dog assimilates raw bone differently, so this side dish makes customizing Big Country Raw meals so they are perfect for your pet.

Pork Organ Blend can also be an excellent supplement for raw fed cats that can benefit from a rich source of naturally occurring taurine.  Simply add to your raw meals for added peace of mind!

Plus dogs love the rich taste of organ meat!  Freeze Pork Organ Blend into silicone molds for a frozen treat that can be fed alongside your raw meal, or as a treat.

Recommended serving amount is 1/4 cup per 1 lb. (2 cups) of raw food.  Dosage can be increased or adjusted based on results.

9 reviews for Pork Organ Blend – 1 lb

  1. Kristi McLeod Smeets

    Just received this product this order and my dogs are thrilled! I’m always trying to add more pork into my young Boxers’ diet and what a fabulous way to do so. And what a great price.

  2. cathoff93

    This is an awesome addition to the BCR line up! We rotate between the pork and beef organ blend now to add a bit more variety! My German Shepherd loves it!

  3. juliebcr

    very nice product for do with allergie to beef! And my dogs love it!

  4. Thelittlesogcrew

    Le préféré de ma petite cocotte Maya qui souffre d’allergies! Un beau complément!!!

  5. Debra.Steele (verified owner)

    I love getting access to products like this for my dogs and also for my cat. There are so many fruits and vegetables for dogs to help regulate the output, but now I have an additional product to use with my cat. They all love it, and it’s great in molds. I used it this week with some apple sauce, mixed it up, poured it into the big paw molds and added some chia seeds. Great addition to the bowl.

  6. hui0414

    BCR is reading my mind! My girl is allergic to beef, so i cant give her beef organ blend anymore. I started making my own pork organ blend lately, but its just too much work cutting, weighing and grinding. I’m so glad BCR added this to their product line. It makes things soooo much easier for me

  7. thecass (verified owner)

    We love being able to add variety into our danes diet. we always feed the beef organ blend when feeding any feathers, so it’s nice to have a second option. Great for those dogs with beef allergies. We have them made into molds in the freezer.

  8. Homer

    My puppy loves this stuff when we make it into a mild

  9. tricolourtrails

    I love this alternative to beef organ blend! I’ve used it for constipation and it works great! Also a great supplement for bone day or just for extra nutrients 🙂 Sometimes it’s nice for a cool treat if you have them prepped in the molds!

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