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Legendary Canine Fresh Shampoo – 150g

(9 customer reviews)

Our gentle, 100% natural, silk infused bar is suited for dogs with dry skin or allergies, and safe for frequent use.


What really sets Legendary Canine Healer Shampoo apart from other dog shampoos is the secret ingredient – silk. Not only does silk produce a rich, creamy lather, but it also helps the bar easily glide over your dog’s fur so bath time is quick and easy. Packed with 18 amino acids, Healer literally leaves a silky film that melts into your dog’s skin. It’s so luxurious that we can’t resist using the “dog shampoo” in the shower for ourselves.

We naturally scent Regular with therapeutic-grade Peppermint Essential Oil. Known for it’s ability to scare away insects, peppermint also stimulates circulation.
Kaolin clay helps get rid of dead skin cells, pull impurities from the skin and remove odour.

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Made with 100% natural, human grade ingredients that are lick safe for your dog.

  • Coat Benefits: Packed with 18 amino acids that provide moisture to dry skin and hair.

    Produces a silky feel to the shampoo bar and helps bar glide on the coat.

Directions for Use:

Wet Dog

  1. Turn the Tap on & make water warm
  2. Pet dog & give lots of love
  3. Distribute water all over dog’s body
  4. Avoid getting water in ears & eyes

Apply Legendary Canine Shampoo

  1. Wet bar & glide over dog’s fur
  2. Work shampoo into a lather
  3. Distribute lather all over dog’s body
  4. Avoid getting water in ears & eyes

Rinse Dog

  1. Turn the tap on & make water warm
  2. Pet dog & give lots of love
  3. Distribute water over dog until lather is gone
  4. Avoid getting lather in eyes & ears

Dry Dog

  1. Use a clean towel
  2. Rub dog’s body with towel
  3. Use a second towel if needed
  4. Give treats & lots of love

9 reviews for Legendary Canine Fresh Shampoo – 150g

  1. Debra.Steele

    Thanks to BCR for introducing me to this great line of products. This shampoo is the only one I will use now on my dogs AND cat. It has a subtle peppermint scent so is pleasant to use. It is made of all natural ingredients that are safe for you and your pet. I like the fact that it lathers well, but easily rinses out leaving coats really clean without the goopy residue. It goes a long way.

  2. Terra Mueller

    I love this soap and is the only one I use! It lathers so well and smells delightful (peppermint)! I feel great knowing it is made of all natural ingredients and her coat feels so soft after!

  3. Jenny Leung

    Dont know where to begin but this is great! Doesnt leave behind a residue and smells great!

  4. Rachelstocco

    Love this soap. Lathers up nicely and is easier to use than regular liquid shampoo. Rinses cleanly and love the scent!

  5. ErikaD (verified owner)

    So so happy BCR carries this product line, this shampoo bar keeps my dogs coat looking wonderful and makes bath tub so quick!

  6. williamsbk21

    I didn’t think this bar of soap could live up to the hype but it definitely did. It lathers up so easily, smells quite nice but not overpowering, and I love that the packaging meant I could put the bar back in the bag after using it making it easy to take with me on road trips and just overall keep it nice. It also made bath time super fast. I love this shampoo bar!!

  7. Tamaraachan

    Je suis vendue à ce shampooing! Il sent tellement bon! Lorsqu’on lave pitou, ça sent la menthe poivrée (quand même fort, mais pas trop) lorsque rincé, le pelage ne sent pas trop. Il mousse très très bien, se rince facilement et rend le pelage très doux et soyeux.

  8. hui0414

    I love this soap! so easy to lather up and rinse off. And it smells great!

  9. Anik Martin (verified owner)

    I love this Shampoo Bar! I normally use DerMagic’s shampoo bar , but it did not lather as much as this one. This one lathers up really well and yet rinses out without leaking a residue on your dogs coat. It smells really nice. It really makes my Cavalier King Charles coat really soft,
    My new favorite dog shampoo!

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