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Glass Storage Container

(10 customer reviews)

Great for storage of your 1lb pouch to thaw food and secure food for another meal.

1100 ML

18 cm x 18 cm x 7 cm

SKU: 627818002851

10 reviews for Glass Storage Container

  1. megurq

    The perfect solution to any storage concerns! These glass storage containers are so convenient and sanitary for your leftover raw to refrigerate in. Simply open your new package of BCR grinds and transfer the leftovers to your glassware. Snap the sides shut and your next prep will be clean and easy! Never worry about a spill in the fridge again. Have a pet sitter or family member feeding your pet? Prepare their meal ahead of time and store in this for a hassle free serve!

  2. williamsbk21

    I usually have a plate with 1lb packages on it and this container makes it easier to thaw, takes up less room in my fridge and it may be wrong but I also want one for myself to pack my own lunches in!

  3. french.rolls

    I love this container so much! It is such amazing quality, seriously it is the same as any really nice quality human grade container, that would be much more expensive might I add! This sturdy design helps make the thawing process so much easier in the fridge! Instead of having a plate covered in water or blood leakage you can keep your fridge clean and smelling fresh with this air tight container! We love it and use it for all our meal prep!

  4. Cassie L

    Kitchen nerd in me coming out – I am so excited for these! the quality is amazing, the price is unbeatable and I love that they have their name on them. These are great for thawing the 1lb packages in and take up little space. I love that they are dishwasher friendly, easy to to use and spill proof.

  5. Amanda Virdo

    This has made feeding our cat so much easier – we use the 1lb packages , weigh out what we need for the meal, put the remaining in this air tight container and do it over again at the next meal! The food stays fresh and our fridge stays clean

  6. Christian.

    C’est vraiment la solution la plus pratique quand on fait garder notre chien. On prépare les repas d’avance et on les apporte dans nos deux plats de verre. La qualité du couvercle et du joint de silicone est exceptionnelle.

  7. Kristina Heald Hoogenboom (verified owner)

    I have two of these because they’re that awesome! I love that it holds one pound of BCR perfectly and it has an airtight seal that doesn’t leak. Once the pound of food is gone, I throw it in the dishwasher and grab my second container for a fresh pack of BCR.

  8. Emily (verified owner)

    Love these containers! They’re the perfect size for the 1lb pack of food and are great quality. The food stays fresh and they don’t leak.

  9. Hunt00

    I love these so much. I have 4 and definitely will be getting more. They are so handy for thawing the 1 pound packages of BCR. Never have to worry about the package leaking in the fridge. I also like that I can meal prep with these when I not home to feed a meal. Makes it easy for my husband.

  10. Katherine R

    This container is perfect size for the packages to thaw. If I’m not home my husband knows where to look in fridge for their Big Country container. Easy to use and wash.

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