Frozen Duck Eggs – 6 Ct

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An excellent addition to your pet’s raw meals!

Add raw shelled or unshelled duck eggs to your pets dish as a daily meal addition or special treat. Raw Duck Eggs are an excellent source of protein! Shells are an excellent source of calcium.

A large egg that is a nutritious addition to your dog raw diet.  Offer along side a meal or all alone as a special treat.

Suggestion to serve this up no more than 1-3 times per week.

Daily Serving Suggestion:

10-50 lbs……. 1egg

50-100 lbs ……2 eggs


Frozen Duck Eggs – 6 count.

Nutrient Analysis Analyse des éléments nutritifs
Per 58 grams (1eggs) Par 58 grammes (1 oeuf)
Calories Calories 100
Protein Protéines 7 g
Fat Matières grasses 7 g
Fibre Fibres 0 g
Sodium/Sodium – 75 g

Vitamin D/Vitamine D – 3 mcg

Iron/Fer – 1 mg

Potassium/Potassium – 75 mg



Safe Handling Instructions:

Frozen Duck Eggs for pet consumption.  Can be kept frozen for up to 12 months.  Once thawed eggs can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 60 days.

Serving Instructions:

Freezing eggs will cause the outer shell to crack, but often the membrane will not break.   We suggest thawing eggs in refrigerator in a glass dish, as leaking is possible.  Once thawed, add raw egg(s) to your pet’s meal as a daily addition or special treat.

2 reviews for Frozen Duck Eggs – 6 Ct

  1. @bigbartok

    Nous adorons les oeufs de canne pour nos deux grands chiens. Chaque repas est une fête dès que l’on ajoute un oeuf ! Une belle option pour les chiens sensibles ou allergiques au poulet.

  2. williamsbk21

    Denver loves these! I like that they come in a pack of six – I give about one a week in rotation with quail eggs.

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