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Dog Nog – 28g

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DogNog is a fun and healthy treat for your pet!

Improves your dogs overall health by providing essential protein, anti-inflammatory support, digestive aid and relaxation!


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Comes in a 28 g pouch that is filled with a combination of cinnamon, ginger and camomile. Also inludes eggshell membrane and egg yolk.

Mix with Raw Fermented Goats Milk from Big Country Raw to create a nutritious dairy supplement.

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Contains: Egg yolk powder, egg shell membrame, L Theanine, cinnamon, ginger and camomile.

Cinnamon – Anti-inflammatory & fights infections.

Ginger – Digestive Aid & Fights Infection

Camomile – Relaxation & Digestive Aid



Mix Dog Nog Powder – 2 heaping tablespoons (28 grams) with 1 Litre Big Country Raw Goat’s Milk.

***Please note that if the powder clumps to simply mix well with a blender. You could also try warming up your pet milk prior to mixing. Your dog won’t mind!

Refrigerate and use within 7 days.

Serving suggestions:

  • Add to your pet’s daily meals this holiday
  • Serve up as a treat before bed
  • Mix, freeze into festive molds and add to meals or serve up as a frozen treat.

2 reviews for Dog Nog – 28g

  1. williamsbk21

    I love the dog nog! It is great year round and I have a lot of fun with it. I recently made my dog a “pumpkin spice latte” by mixing 1 container of BCR goats milk with 1 package of dog nog and 1 cup of pumpkin! My dog went nuts for it! I served it to him in a BCR mug, poured it on his food and froze in molds to add to his meals. The dog nog also has a lot of great benefits and is super nutritious and palatable for dogs.

  2. Jana Young (verified owner)

    Awesome treat for my dog. I enjoyed eggnog over the holidays and he got to enjoy some dognog. Made sure I bought extras just in case. Not only a special treat it has lots of benefits as well !

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